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dentist teeth

What are the consequences of losing a tooth?

Dentists take teeth out everyday, but if you knew what the long-term effects associated with missing teeth, you may want to reconsider leaving the gap for long periods of time. Loosing just one tooth could have a disastrous effect on the rest of your mouth. Here is what can happen when a person loses teeth…

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Tooth replacement options

What Are The Options To Replace A Missing Tooth?

A missing tooth can come about as a result of gum disease, physical damage, significant tooth decay, or a genetic condition. If not replaced, your smile may alter, and the arrangement of your teeth may be impacted over time. Losing just one single tooth can have a big bearing on your oral health and personal…

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mature woman wearing dentures, smiling

What is The Most Natural Looking Denture

Dentures are essentially false teeth, but there’s no reason why they have to look false in any way! We understand how life changing it can be to have dentures that work efficiently, feel comfortable, and look natural, and there are several factors we consider when creating quality, befitting dentures for patients. In this blog, we explore…

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young man smiling 350

Why and how to replace missing teeth

Nobody wants to be without a tooth for too long. A big gap in your mouth can not only affect your confidence, but you run a greater risk of getting gum disease too. A missing tooth can also be caused by gum disease in the first place as well as damage, serious tooth decay, or…

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