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Bone Augmentation

Bone Augmentation

What happens if I don’t have enough bone? Bone can be added easily and predictably in area’s that are deficient in bone. Many people are initially worried about this, but they often find that it’s a straightforward procedure that is painfree. There are many ways to add bone including: Small local deficiencies are treated with…

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What Is PRGF Treatment

What is PRGF treatment?

If you are about to undergo dental implant or bone surgery, you may be interested in PRGF treatment. The use of plasma rich growth factors can accelerate healing and recovery time. At The Denture & Implant Clinic we are proud to offer our patients a wide array of advanced and therapeutic treatments. PRGF has shown…

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Faster Post Implant Healing With PRGF Treatment

Faster post-implant healing with PRGF treatment

Dental knowledge and technology have come a long way in the past few decades. At The Denture & Implant Clinic, we have leveraged these advancements to allow us to provide superior services to our patients. Dental implants have been one of these advancements, allowing us to provide patients with a functional, long-lasting replacement for missing…

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What Are Cosmetic Dentures

What are cosmetic dentures?

Can you spot them? A lot of dentists are drawn into the field of cosmetic dentistry as it is what a lot of people nowadays want – they not only want their teeth to function well, but want them to look great as well. This side of dentistry is glamorous, as it makes patients look…

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