Introducing the latest in to the Sutton area

Dentistry is progressing at an exciting pace. Contemporary techniques mean more precise treatment, predictable outcomes, and long-lasting results. Patients throughout the Wimbledon, Croydon, Epsom, and Purley area enjoy these benefits and more with digital dentistry at The Denture & Implant Clinic in Sutton.

Intra Oral Scanning

No More Horrible

Quick Turn around of crowns, bridges, dentures

Unrivaled Accuracy

Extremely Well Fitting Crowns, Bridges & Dentures

Better Planning And More Predictable Outcomes

Visualise End Result Of Treatment Before We Begin

No More Horrible Impressions

From experience we know that a lot of patients hated having impressions taken. The biggest draw back was the feeling of gagging/retching and we had to use specific techniques to try and make it more comfortable, like breathing exercises and using salt on the tip of their tongues. These techniques used to help to some degree but it was still very difficult to make the experience pleasant. Since we have invested in an intra-oral scanner, taking scans has been a breeze. It’s quicker, more accurate and patients actually find it a pleasant experience.

Another thing that used to make our jobs difficult was when people used to come to us with very loose teeth. Taking impressions was often difficult and nerve raking for both the patient and myself as there was always a risk that teeth came out with the impression, which leaves us in a position with having to fill the gap quickly. Now that we have the scanner, we can scan someones teeth without even having to touch them which is great for people with loose teeth.

Quick Turn Around Of Crowns, Bridges, Partial Dentures

Everything is so much quicker when we are working with a digital scan. The laboratory technician gets the scan immediately (like an email) which means we don’t loose time with postage and delivery. He can work straight off the scan and design something quickly and accurately. The traditional way would be casting up a model and then hand crafting a crown which is incredibly time consuming. With a digital scan a computer and trained technician can do it within minutes and have the work sent back to you quicker.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Studies show that the accuracy of a digital scan, compared with a traditional impression is a lot more accurate which means the work you get back always fits so much better. This means normal/implant crowns, bridges and dentures last longer and feel more comfortable.

Extremely Well Fitting Crowns, Bridges And Dentures When Compared To Normal Impressions


Traditional methods of making crowns and bridges has worked well for many many years. However, it has it limitations of accuracy and since the advent of digital dentistry, there will soon be a time when impressions and traditional methods will no longer be used.

The problem with traditional methods is that due the the number of steps you have to preform, there are a hell of a lot of inaccuracies that can be add up. For example, when the dentist takes the impression there is operator technique that determined how good an impression is. A lot can go wrong with an impression and it’s not evident until the crown is made that its noticed.

With digital scans, the computer will tell you if you have made a mistake so the scan can be repeated there and then. Even if the impression is excellent, the impression material will always shrink to a certain amount and that is due to the dimensional stability of the material. The laboratory technician then pours up impression stone into the impression and make a model out of it. This model will also pick up inaccuracies due to the limitations of the material. Then, the technician will duplicate the model which again picks up inaccuracies. Then when making the crown by hand inaccuracies are picked up along the whole way and it’s no wonder the work comes back not fitting 100% correctly. This is an example if everything goes right.

Imagine what happens if someone makes a mistake along the line (human error), the inaccuracies add up even more so. With digital work, everything is done on the computer and then the crown is milled by a machine, which means there is no shrinkage, the fit is perfect and all records are stored on a database so if anything goes wrong years down the line we can duplicate the same result instantly.

Better Planning And More Predictable Outcomes

With a digital scanner, you can scan a patients mouth before treatment and digitally plan a final result in minutes. What’s more is you can merge an intra oral scan with a CT scan so that you can plan accurately the position of implants. Without this you are doing the job by guesswork and mistakes can be made, meaning that the cosmetic outcome can be reduced.

Visualise End Result Of Treatment Before We Begin

As we can visualise the end result of treatment before we begin, we can see how good the result is right from the start. That means we can predict if the outcome we are looking for is going to be difficult to achieve and spot problems early on and change our planning. Its also a great way for the patient to see what result they are getting right from the start.


  • Safe and accurate placement of implants
  • Predictability
  • Plan Outcomes

At our practice we always take ct scans prior to implant placement as it gives us the ability to see what the anatomy is like before we begin surgery. In our eyes, doing surgery without a scan is like doing it blindfolded. It allows us to accurately see where the bone is and more importantly where arteries and nerves.



A technique used to reduce pain and improve Success rates of surgery. We take some blood, just like in a blood test, Use a machine to separate specific proteins/growth fractors and use it in sites where We have done surgery. The results are quite simply outstanding.

  • 100% biocompatible, versatile and safe.
  • A fast protocol: just 20 minutes of preparation.
  • Its clinical efficiency in the stimulation of tissue healing and regeneration has been described in a large number of international articles.
  • Powerful bacteriostatic properties.
  • Excellent therapeutic potential in different clinical applications.
  • It is backed by a large number of international scientific studies and publications with a high impact.
  • Faster healing.
  • Substantially reduced pain and swelling.


Loupes are a tool which is invaluable in dentistry nowadays. No wonder all our dentists’ use them!!

Loups are high end magnifiying glasses that are attached onto prescription lens glasses. They allow the dentist to see the tooth/ working field with varying degree’s of magnification. That means they are able to see better, meaning better diagnosing, better treatment and overall better quality outcomes. In our experience, you’re not really doing good quality dentistry if you don’t wear loupes. Loupes are generally expensive bits of equipment and that why not all dentists use them. However, if a dentist is really looking to provide good work and improve their skills then loupes are a must.

What is good magnification with no light to see better? The high powered tunnelled light let’s our dentist’s see any area’s of early decay much more easily. Spotting early sign’s of decay can be the difference between a filling and a root filling. Which would you rather have?

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