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dental dentistry

What Metal Are Partial Dentures Made Of?

Metal partial dentures are usually formed from chrome cobalt, which is a medically approved, light alloy metal. This material is both the strongest and most durable option to use when forming partial dentures, and also ensures no irritation of the gum or mouth. However, they can be unsuitable for individuals with metal allergies. Dentures formed…

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Are Chrome Cobalt Dentures Safe?

Some patients are concerned about the metal in cobalt chrome dentures and wonder whether it is safe to use. The good news is that chrome cobalt is a completely medically approved, light alloy metal. The only potential issue would be to anyone that is allergic to specific metals, but this is extremely rare. Assuming you do…

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What is a Chrome Cobalt Denture?

Chrome cobalt is a medically approved, light alloy metal. When making a denture, chrome cobalt is the strongest and most durable option to use, while ensuring no gum or mouth irritation. Dentures made from this material are typically partial or single tooth dentures, which possess a metal framework that supports false teeth. A complete chrome…

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3D Dentures Replace Missing Teeth With Great Results 2

3D Dentures Replace Missing Teeth With Great Results

Complete dentures are one of the possible treatment options when considering a replacement for all your teeth. Below are some FAQ’s on the commonly asked questions we receive at The Denture & Implant Clinic. What Are Complete Dentures? Complete dentures are a removable tooth replacement option, which means that they are not permanently fixed in…

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How Long Do Mini Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants have become one of the preferred methods of replacing missing teeth. However, conventional dental implants are not for everyone and mini implants offer an alternative option. They are the same as conventional implants but as the name suggests, are much smaller, 2.9mm in diameter or less (to be precise!).  Where as conventional dental implants can range from 3.5mm…

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