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Dentures have been taken to a new level of excellence, both in terms of their fit and look. Our denture clinic staff regularly attend courses in America and Europe, keeping themselves up-to-date with all the very latest techniques and developments. Any new ideas are incorporated into our denture-making system so that patients receive the highest standards of treatment possible.

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that all of our patients have a stress-free visit and allow each patient the time and information they need in order to make an educated decision regarding their smile. We know the sensitivities that can arise from having lost teeth and can work with our patients to help them determine how to bring back their original, beautiful smile to boost their health and confidence. We take the time to answer questions, and to learn about the patient so we can treat them more like family and less like a client. Together, our staff creates a pleasing environment for patients to enjoy treatment and examinations to help guide them through the process of rejuvenating and renovating their smile.

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Dr. Mo Boga Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Mo Boga

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Johann Styger Implantologist

Dr. Johann Styger


Dr. Wasima Shafique General Dentist/Oral Surgeon

Dr. Wasima Shafique

General Dentist/Oral Surgeon


Dr. Avinash

Dental Surgeon

Natasha Foster Hygienist

Natasha Foster


Terry Master Lab Technician


Master Lab Technician

Jan Treatment Coordinator


Treatment Coordinator

Aurelija Nurse



Aleksandra Nurse



Tammy Nurse



Claire Receptionist