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Stages of denture construction at The Denture & Implant Clinic in Sutton

Planning of Your Denture


Free Consultation (45 mins visit)

In this free consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss any dental concerns you have, tell us about your past experiences, what your expectations are and what you are hoping we can do to help you achieve them.

This consultation allows you to experience our relaxed, calm environment in a consultation room, with our experienced treatment coordinator, rather than in the dental chair.

It is very important to understand a dental situation right from the start, as many people want to achieve different things from their dentures, some want a perfect smile, while others wish to have a more natural look.

We will explain the techniques we use here at “The Denture and implant Clinic” to construct new dentures.

Before commencing any new dentures, you will need to have an examination with the dentist to advise on your treatment options, to provide you with a personal treatment plan.


Examination of mouth/teeth (30minutes)

If you have some remaining teeth, we will need to book in an examination so that everything can be assessed thoroughly before we start treatment.

After these initial appointments we will send you a detailed written treatment plan along with the fees involved.

Why we are different for dentures in Sutton

We use the absolute very best impression materials available to ensure the fit of your denture is precise. If your dentures don’t precisely fit the anatomy of your mouth, they will not be ideal.

Use fancy equipment and techniques to give you the best dentures

Spend hours with you perfecting the cosmetics

Use the most expensive acrylic teeth on the market

Finance Available

Master dental technician on site

We are a dedicated denture clinic

3D Dentures, Extremely well trained team

Combined Team experience of hundreds of years treating denture patients only

Offer general dental services including cosmetics & implants

Only the very best teeth used… beautifully crafted natural looking tooth moulds for sophisticated needs

A Range of tooth moulds designed to match the Age and characteristics of the individual patient

Gum-work upgrade for a truly bespoke denture…

For more information on our services or to request an appointment, please call 020 8629 1226 or fill in the form and one of our team will be in touch.


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Denture Reviews Sutton

Denture Construction in Sutton

First denture Impressions (45minutes)

The first impressions are a "rough" set of impressions which helps us to plan your case. These impressions are taken using alginate impression material that is placed in an impression tray. The problem with these trays is that they only come in a few sizes – extra small, small, medium, large, extra large. Most dentists will think this is acceptable but we believe that this is simply not good enough.

That’s why we custom make you a bespoke tray that fits perfectly inside your mouth so that we can record all the little nooks and crannies in your mouth to ensure your dentures are the very best fit possible.

If you have your own natural teeth – this first impression is used to examine the arrangement of teeth. The team will closely look at every tooth and plan your denture out for you so that you get the best functional and cosmetic denture possible.

Second denture Impression and Bite( 1hour 30minutes)

Second Impressions are taken using an extremely accurate silicone impression material. Most dentists understand that they need absolute accuracy for doing crowns/bridges but fail to use the silicone impressions for denture construction due to the high cost / inadequate training. This means that they stick to alginate, which will never pick up all the details required.

At The Denture & Implant clinic, we never cut corners and that’s why we use the best materials around to ensure you get the best fitting dentures. Secondary impressions are taken using different layers of silicone, which get more accurate with each layer. We start of with a heavy viscosity which picks up outline and then get more and more accurate with each layer until we finish off with the very light runny material that flows into all the little nooks and crannies of your mouth.

After the very best impressions are taken we then go on to take the bite with a gnathometer. This is another major difference between our clinic and other dentists. 99% of dentists will not use this device as they simply don’t have the expert training required to understand how to use it and why it’s so beneficial to their patients. If they do – everyone would be using it.

This device is an easy, comfortable way of accurately recording the patients bite and we will tell you why it’s so important further down.


Denture Try-In – (1hour 30minutes)

We refer to this stage as the ‘Dressed Rehersal’ and it the first chance we get to see what the finished result is before we give you the dentures. At this stage we check things like the bite, fit and most importantly the cosmetics. The important aspect of this visit is that we can make changes on the dentures and check them instantly. We always ensure that you’re 100% happy at this stage before we finish the dentures so that you know what result you’re getting before we fit the dentures.

We normally spend at least 1hour and a half at this stage to ensure we get the perfect bite and cosmetics.

Denture Fit – (1 hour)

This visit is normally an easy straightforward procedure where we ensure the denture fits well and is comfortable to wear. We also make very fine adjustments to balance the bite to ensure that your teeth meet together at the same time when biting. This ensures stability of the denture when eating as if one side meets before the other, tipping of the denture can occur. Another few visits will be required which are minor adjustments visits.

Common problems you may have with poorly fitting dentures

My dentures make me gagThere are a number of reasons why this may be the case:

A) It may be that the dentures don’t fit correctly and therefore move around. This can lead to gagging and therefore new proper fitting dentures should help.

B) Dentures are loose because they are poorly extended. This is similar to the point above but it’s not just poorly fitting dentures that cause loose dentures. If your dentist/technician hasn’t properly extended your dentures into the correct regions this can cause loose dentures too. A better designed denture may help to prevent gagging.

C) The dentures extend too far back in the palate. Once you pass a certain point, where the hard palate ends, any further extension will almost certainly cause the gag reflex.

D) The wrong material has been chosen. If your dentist has chosen an acrylic denture, this can make gagging worse. The alternative to acrylic is a chrome denture. The benefits of a chrome denture are detailed in the following blog. This is probably the main reason people struggle and it’s because chrome dentures haven’t been used. Chrome dentures are less bulky, can be made to leave the palate uncovered and can be made considerably smaller than acrylic dentures.

E) There are too many teeth on the denture. Technicians and dentists often fill the denture with as many teeth as they can. This can cause stability issues, pain and gagging so a reduction in the number of teeth may help.

F) A small percentage of patients will be unable to tolerate dentures at all as they simply can’t cope with amount of material in their mouths. For these types of patients, a fixed result is needed and this included bridge and or dental implants.

what-is-involved-with-the-treatmentThis is due to inappropriate positioning of the teeth. Moving the teeth into a better position will certainly help this. Also, if you can, a chrome denture may be better as its less bulky and hence allows the tongue a full range of movement.

Dentures don't stay inThere are many reasons for loose dentures:

  • Poor extended
  • Overly extended
  • Poorly fitting dentures
  • Poorly designed dentures
  • Poor material selection
  • Poor bite
  • Poor tooth positioning

Often, loose dentures are causing my multiple factors and resolving each one should improve the retention of your dentures.

Poor cosmetics of denturesMany dentists leave the selection of teeth to the laboratory technician. This can create problems because the only information the technician has to decide on the type of teeth is a plaster model. In contrast, the dentist can assess your height, build, shape of your face, your personality and your wishes. Piecing all of this information, they can then decide on which teeth would suit you best.

The other factor that often leads to poor cosmetics is the treating dentist may skip the try-in phase all together so there is no way to check the cosmetics. Other dentists book a quick appointment which often lasts no longer then 15-20 minutes and any changes that are required is communicated back to the technician. When the technician makes the changes, as they haven’t seen you directly, it’s a bit of a guessing game. At The Denture & Implant Clinic, we spend a minimum of 90mins at the Try-In phase because its such an important part of the treatment. What’s more is, the technician who will be making your teeth and making the adjustments will be there on site. He will be able to see you directly so will know exactly what changes are required and how to make them appropriately. The other factor is the technician will feel a lot more responsibility towards achieving a good overall outcome as they have met you. Most technicians who work in the laboratory only often feel disconnected with the outcome as they never see you and therefore may not have a serious sense of responsibility.

I can't eat with my dentureThis is most often related to the fact the dentures are loose. As described above, this can be corrected in a number of ways. Another common reason why patients cannot eat with dentures is the bite has been set up incorrectly or the denture teeth have worn so much that the bite is now completely inadequate. The solution to this is setting the teeth up in the correct position.

Unstable dentures which move around when eatingThis specific problem is relating to poor support. When eating, if your dentures have poor support they will slide around and if they have good support they will stay put.

Support is better when using cobalt chrome dentures as you can utilise existing teeth to help. Rest seats are build into the denture so the denture sits on your teeth. Therefore, when you bite down, the denture has a solid stop and doesn’t move. Acrylic dentures are totally gum supported and therefore suffer from support issues.

I cant wear my denturesThis may be related to the size of the denture. Changing the design after careful consideration may help. As discussed above a small portion of patients will be unable to tolerate a denture and there will require implants to attain a decent outcome. Please visit of implant page to learn more.

What Are 3D Dentures?

What sets 3D dentures apart from the traditional forms of dentures is the way that they are created. Instead of just taking one impression to mold the dentures and create a final restorative product, 3D dentures require four different impressions. Impressions are taken of the tooth surface, the gum surface, the inside surface (where the tongue rests) and the outside surface (that touches the lips and cheeks). By taking these additional impressions, dentists at The Denture Clinic can create a fully custom set of dentures.

Impression materials are placed inside of the patient’s mouth while the patient completes several different movements of the mouth as requested by the dentist. While the patient moves their mouth, tongue, and cheeks in certain ways, it helps mold the impression to the way their own muscles and mouth functions. These impressions are then used to create a custom denture that has the optimum fit for the patient.

There are so many benefits to customizing your dentures with additional impressions. 3D dentures will feel like a part of the patient’s mouth, and will hold in place better than traditional dentures. Food particles trapped underneath the denture will be drastically reduced, as well as the speech and chewing efficiency of the patient. Additionally, a better fitting denture will greatly change the appearance of the patient’s face and give the patient a more youthful appearance.