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when do wisdom teeth come in

When Do Wisdom Teeth Come In?

Wisdom teeth really do know how to make an entrance! Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to erupt within your mouth and occurs usually around the age of 18 but can happen earlier or later typically between the ages of 17-24. There is also the chance they remain dormant for your entire life, and they…

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how do dentists remove teeth

How Do Dentists Remove Teeth?

If your tooth is damaged or decayed and beyond repair, your dentist may decide to extract the tooth as a last resort. Your dentist will always talk your options through with you during your consultation, but in this article, we discuss how a tooth can be removed, the extraction steps and aftercare advice to help…

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How many baby teeth do we lose

How many baby teeth do we lose?

The appearance of a babies first tooth is a big milestone for parents, mainly because it generally marks the end of a challenging teething period! Losing that first tooth is equally as monumental. All babies are different, so the age at which children start to lose their baby teeth varies greatly, however, typically this is…

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What does a cracked tooth look and feel like 1

What does a cracked tooth look and feel like

Simply put, a cracked tooth is a crack within a tooth, and it can vary between minor cracks which are harmless to major breaks in a tooth that are very problematic. The issue is most common among young children and older individuals; however, a cracked tooth can happen to anyone, and you should seek medical…

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dentures 1

Tips for eating with new dentures

Within this blog we will be covering all the key points to know about how to eat with new dentures. This includes sticking to an soft diet initially, key dietary recommendations, returning to a normal diet and eating after a full recovery has been made. The first key tip for eating with new dentures is…

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