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dental mini implants surrey

Mini–Dental Implants

Mini-dental implants (MDI’s) are very similar to normal implants, but they are much smaller. This means that we can get the same benefit of normal dental implants but without all the fuss. They are mostly used to stabilize loose dentures, particularly for the bottom arch. How much smaller are Mini-Dental Implants? Mini-Dental Implants are around…

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Commonly Asked Questions At The Dentist

Commonly asked questions at the dentist

1. What’s the best toothpaste to use? Generally speaking, most toothpastes do the same thing. You want a foamy substance that applies fluoride to the teeth. The main benefits of tooth brushing are mechanical removal of plaque and application of fluoride to the teeth. The big differences are sensitive-teeth toothpastes, which all work in slightly…

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How To Find A Good Implant Dentist

How to find a good implant dentist

There are so many dentists doing implants now – how do you choose a good implant dentist? 1. Experience is the key A good implant dentist should be placing over 50 implants a year for a number of years. To achieve excellence, an implant dentist would have placed over 500 implants. Our Implantologist, Dr. Johann…

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