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Dentures in a Day

"Following and long period of time and several sets of ill-fitting dentures I now have a set of dentures which fit and I am hardly aware of their presence. My visits to the clinic were made a pleasure by the staff who were always welcoming. From the initial consultation to the final fitting the attention to detail and personal preferences were always a prime consideration." ~ Irene Tulett
Due to Dr. Stewart's experience and expertise, we are finding more and more patients are traveling from all over the United Kingdom and abroad to come to The Denture Clinic. We have dental technicians on site and are able to make dentures from the first impression through to the fit in an overnight stay. You can have your custom-made dentures fitted and finished in as little as 24 hours at The Denture Clinic.

At The Denture Clinic, dentures are either made of high impact acrylic or chrome framework dentures with high impact acrylic on top. We can evaluate you and discuss with you which solution would be best for your individualized situation. This will also determine the length of your stay. Below, we have provided a general guide to help you understand the estimated length of time required to complete "Dentures in a Day."

High Impact Acrylic Dentures - This will require a one-night stay in local accommodation. Day one will be focused on constructing your denture and on day two, you will be required to attend the clinic for adjustments.

Chrome/Metal Frame Dentures - This will require a two-night stay in local accommodation. During day one, we will design and make the framework, day two will be focused on constructing the denture. Day three will require you to attend the clinic for adjustments.

Our treatment is only complete when you are 100% happy. All adjustments are free of charge. We also have special arrangements to minimize the number of adjustments you may need.

For our information pack, which includes details of local accommodation where we have negotiated a special rate please telephone 01733 514610 where one of our experienced staff will be able to assist you.

Please be aware that organizing the appointments back to back as described above has no effect on the quality of the work. All our dentures are made to the same excellent standard.

High Impact Acrylic Dentures SuttonI have been pleased with all the people involved with the work done on my dentures. Everyone is very nice and friendly and I am happy with the results. Thank you all.High Impact Acrylic Dentures Sutton

~ Marian Crunden

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"I am delighted with the appearance and look of my new denture"

Ms I Nicolson , Dorking

"I am so pleased with my lower denture I will be returning to you to make my upper"

Miss C Johnson, Kent

"The denture fits comfortably is practical and the appearance is excellent, just as I wanted"

Mr M Boyce, West Molsey, Surrey

"Excellent service and a lovely fit"

Mrs M Mccarthy, Putney, London

"Sometimes I forget I am wearing dentures, this has never been the case with dentures provided by any other dental practice"

Mr P Gill, Dorking

"All the staff made me feel completely at ease, the best thing I did was to have the mini implants. I now feel much more confident with my dentures"

Mrs C Ohadi ,Croydon

"The service was very professional and friendly, would recommend anytime"

Mr A Atchison, Peterborough

"It was worth every penny and excellent treatment"

Mrs V Fudge, Wallington , Surrey

"My problems were not straightforward but were managed in the most efficient way which resulted in the most satisfactory results."

Mrs A Ashdown, Belvedere Kent

"After having Mini implants and a new denture I feel so comfortable and at ease"

Mrs M Collins, New Eltham