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Revolutionary New Technique for Superior Dentures

If you have missing teeth, you don’t need to be resigned to a life-time of wearing ill-fitting dentures that you can’t eat with and that look unnatural. We specialize in providing the highest quality solution for replacing missing teeth with dentures that have a superior fit and an exceptionally natural look. We use the latest technology and guarantee to solve your denture problems and make you look younger too.
Why choose us?
  • 3D Dentures: We take four different impressions of your mouth instead of just one to mould the impressions to the way the muscles function, in order to create a vastly superior 3D set of dentures that are fully customized to your mouth. 3D Dentures will feel like a part of your mouth, make your speech and chewing much more efficient, and reduce food particles underneath the dentures.
  • Denture problems solved: Some denture cases are relatively straightforward, but others are more complicated. That is where our 15 years of experience in making dentures counts and means that unlike some clinics, we can guarantee to get the best result possible, even in more difficult cases. We also have special techniques in place to take pain free and gag-free impressions.
  • Non-surgical facelift: Our treatment plans involve not just replacing any missing teeth but giving you the exact smile you want in terms of the colour and shape of the teeth. By placing the teeth in the correct place, we can build up your bite reversing the sunken look sometimes found in denture-wearers, in turn building up your face and making you look much younger.
  • Fastest healing: We use a new pain-free procedure called PRGF which helps tissue to regenerate and wounds to repair. This massively accelerates the healing process enabling you to recover much more quickly after any necessary extraction procedure.
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Denture Dentist Sutton

Complete Dentures

Reduces the sunken look

Denture Dentist Sutton

3D Dentures

The Triple Impression Technique

Denture Dentist Sutton

Partial Dentures

Fits extremely well and look natural