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Partial Dentures

Equipose System Sutton - Partial Dentures
The Denture & Implant Clinic
Rating: 5 The Denture & Implant Clinic - Five Star Reviews by A. Lavendar
"Having such nice people to talk to about my problems very helpful. I am very pleased with my new teeth, as in the past no denture has fitted properly. Thank you once again and I would recommend others to you.
Partial dentures are often considered by patients that are not missing an entire arch of teeth, but rather a tooth or several teeth within an arch. Traditional partial dentures are sometimes not as aesthetically pleasing due to clips and metal pieces that may show when you talk, smile, or eat. While many individuals would fare best with a bridge or dental implant when replacing a missing tooth, it is not always a viable option for every patient. This is why partial dentures are often considered for patients that are not candidates for alternative treatments.

What makes our partial dentures stand out from the competition is the fact that we utilize the Equipoise system. Equipoise partial dentures are created in a way to allow them to be completely undetectable when you smile, talk, or chew, making them extremely cosmetic and aesthetically pleasing. It is still easily removable for easy cleaning of both your partial denture and your teeth and gums, making it an extremely hygienic restoration compared to other cosmetic alternatives.

The meaning of the word "Equipoise" is "equal balance." The partial dentures that are created with the Equipoise system are made to use a balanced pressure on the existing, supporting teeth in order to keep the partial in place. Not only does this help address missing teeth, but it can also act as protection for your natural teeth as well. The Denture Clinic focuses primarily on the use of partials made with the Equipoise system, as our patients have been extremely satisfied with the results of such restorative treatments.

No hooks, no clasps, and no obvious signs of a partial denture with the new Equipoise system. If this is a goal for you and your smile, call The Denture Clinic today to get started learning more about our partial dentures and how they can substantially change your life!

Equipose System Sutton - Quotes image1 Following and long period of time and several sets of ill-fitting dentures I now have a set of dentures which fit and I am hardly aware of their presence. My visits to the clinic were made a pleasure by the staff who were always welcoming. From the initial consultation to the final fitting the attention to detail and personal preferences were always a prime consideration. Equipose System Sutton - Quotes image2

~ Irene Tulett

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    The Denture & Implant Clinic
    Rating: 5 The Denture & Implant Clinic - Five Star Reviews

    "I must express my complete satisfaction with the work that was carried out by the team at the Dental Clinic - I had removal of teeth, and implants and all associated work connected with the making of new dentures and for improving my confidence. I would also like commenmd the professionalism to all ataff and in particular Peter Silverside for his enduring patience and tolorance in resolving a rather complex situation. I would thoroughly recommend the practice to all with dental problems. PB - Sidcup