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At The Denture and Implant Clinic in Wallington, we are your local cosmetic dentistry clinic, specialising in dental implants and dentures. We know that losing teeth is not always part of the plan, which is our oral bioengineering experts specialise in creating custom dentures for a range of specifications. Our dental treatments are carried out with the finest care, providing every patient with dentures that appear natural, remain stable and fit comfortably. Throughout Wallington, from Strawberry Lane to Stanley Park Road, we have allowed patients to regain confidence in their smile. Wave goodbye to the negative connotations of false teeth with our specialist dentistry, and smile with pride.

Our Wallington denture construction process


  • The first impressions
    We know that every patient is different, each with various requests and requirements that need to be met. Taking this into consideration, we utilise custom-made trays to take our first round of impressions. With our alginate impression material, we will take a mould to copy the arrangement of your mouth.
  • The second impression and bite
    The second round of impressions goes deeper than the first. With varying layers of silicone impression materials, we are able to work through from high viscosity for the outline to a lighter liquid that runs into all the nooks and crannies within the mouth. We will then utilise our gnathometers to accurately record your bite.
  • The dress rehearsal
    When it comes to the try-in, otherwise known as the dress rehearsal, both the patient and dentist are able to catch a glimpse of the final result. With the ability to make final amendments at this stage, altering the bite, fit or cosmetic itself, we will make sure that the patient is happy and comfortable.
  • The fit
    The final stage, and possibly the most anticipated, is the fitting. With walk-throughs and demonstrations in securing and removing the denture, as well as upkeeping a thorough hygiene regime, we will secure the denture in place. Fine amendments can be carried out at this point, ensuring that you leave with a fully functioning, gleaming smile.

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Let your teeth shine throughout Wallington with the help of our professional team of dentists. To find out more about our denture services or to arrange for your free consultation, give us a call on 020 8629 1226, email us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.

Why we are the experts your dentures need in Wallington

For your dentures in Wallington, we are the team to depend on. With over 50 years of combined experience and a successful clinic dedicated to dentures and dental implant dentistry, we are heads and shoulders above others in our field. We invest in the highest quality materials, ensuring that every patient in Wallington, no matter their requirements, is partnered with the finest solution. With finance options available, dentures can be a cost-effective fix for oral health matters. Smile with confidence with the help of our team.


How to find out clinic from Wallington

By car: From the heart of Wallington, you’ll find our dental clinic just a five-minute drive away. Travelling south on Manor Road, take a right turn onto Grosvenor Road, continuing straight onto Grosvenor Avenue until the road’s end. Here, take a left turn onto Glebe Road followed by the first right turn onto Gordon Road. Continue until you reach the junction and take a right turn onto Park Hill followed by a left turn immediately after onto Hill Road. At the junction, head left onto Banstead Lane where you will find our clinic.


By public bus: From Woodcote Road (Stop G), board the S4 towards Morden Park. Stay on the bus for 10 minutes, debarking at Queen Mary’s Avenue. From here, our clinic is a simple nine-minute walk. Turn right onto Queen Mary’s Avenue, continuing straight over the crossroads onto Crichton Road. Follow the road round and cross over Beeches Avenue onto Waverley Way. Upon reaching Banstead Road, turn right and you will approach our dental clinic.

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