Digital dentures are a revolutionary innovation in tooth replacement. Dr. Suril Amin and his team at The Denture & Implant Clinic are pleased to bring this advanced service to patients in the Sutton, UK area.


Digital dentures involve a CAE (computer-aided engineering)workflow that puts the dentist in full control of quality. The process usually requires just two appointments to achieve superior fit, comfort, and natural appearance.


The traditional method of making dentures can result in an accumulation of “errors” – inherent variations in the process. Impression material shrinks by about two percent, and plaster used create the model also contracts. Acrylic used for the denture can decrease by as much as five percent. Even when each phase has been performed to perfection, those variables add up to issues.

The fit of digital dentures is unrivaled because accuracy is unsurpassed. Instead of physical impressions, the mouth is scanned, creating a detailed 3D digital model. Then the dentist uses a robust computer program to design personalized dentures – there is no need to settle for standard tooth shape or size.

The design goes to a computerized (on site) milling machine where the denture is meticulously carved from a solid block of acrylic material. With this technique, there is no shrinkage or distortion – the denture turns out precisely as designed.



The acrylic is engineered especially for this purpose, fired under pressure at high temperature, for tremendous strength.


Conventional dentures have teeth glued onto a base, and that bond that can fail. Since digital dentures are created from a single acrylic unit, debonding is impossible.


The timeframe for digital dentures is typically two weeks, from impressions to insertion (about half the requirement for traditional dentures), because many steps in the design and fabrication process are eliminated.


Digital dentures are supported by a base of polymers, comparable in strength to chrome, but without the unsightly appearance of metal in the smile.

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What are digital dentures?

The term refers to a new approach to manufacturing dentures. The system involves digitally scanned impressions, data-driven design, computerized workflow, and CAD/CAM milling of the prosthetics from solid blocks of a special type of acrylic material. This advanced combination results in an efficient process and dentures with superior fit and aesthetics.

Are digital dentures better than conventional dentures?

It is impossible to answer that question definitively, because the quality of any denture you receive depends on may factors including skill and experience of the dentist, type of materials utilized, and professionalism of the laboratory. However, the digital denture concept removes many of the processes and variables that can have historically caused unsatisfactory results.Design and fabrication processes are precise, and materials are incredibly durable.

Will I get my dentures faster?

Yes! The computerized system eliminates several stages. The digital denture system usually requires just two to four visits, compared to five to six with conventional denture fabrication.This makes digital dentures ideal for the out-of-town patient, or the individual who cannot miss a lot of work time. Anyone who doesn’t want to go a day longer than necessary without teeth, or is tired of unattractive or ill-fitting teeth, will appreciate how fast a smile can be transformed with digital dentures.

Do I get to try my dentures before they are finalized?

If you’d like. The process can include, at your request, a try-in model created with 3-D printing technology from your digital impressions. You get to see how the dentures will look and fit, and the dentist can make modifications to the design prototype before the final denture is fabricated.


Do digital dentures look natural?

Extremely. From occlusion to contours of the gum material andshape, size, and shading of the teeth, this is one of the most natural-appearing dentures available.

Can digital dentures be supported by dental implants?

Absolutely. Implants are a terrific way to add incredible stability to a denture that already fits exceptionally well.The denture is tailored with attachments that connect to several dental implants embedded in bone of the upper or lower arch.

Does this type of denture case bad breath?

Your own hygiene plays a significant role in maintaining fresh breath as a denture wearer. However, the material used for digital dentures is manufactured under high pressure, so it is dense and bio-hygienic. That helps digital dentures resist the bacterial build-up that causes foul breath.

What if I damage a denture?

Digital dentures are made with high-quality materials and a process that results in an extremely strong product. However, they are not indestructible. If you break or lose a denture, simply call our office. Because the digital impressions and design are on file, we can create a replacement quickly. You don’t have to start the fitting process all over again.

What are the biggest benefits of digital dentures?

Fewer patient visits are needed, so you spend less time in the chairand get to enjoy your new smile and a robust diet sooner. Yet these strong, aesthetic dentures are created with a higher level of accuracy for unsurpassed fit with reduced incidence of sore spots, wobbling, or slipping.

Why should I choose The Denture & Implant Clinic for my digital dentures?

The team of doctors and support staff at The Denture & Implant Clinic have completed specialized training in the digital denture technique. They have a tremendous amount of background and experience in denture design. Most important, they genuinely want to get you into dentures that feel good and improve your quality of life. Plus, the consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose by learning more about digital dentures.