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Rating: 5 The Denture & Implant Clinic - Five Star Reviews by Marian Crunden
"I have been pleased with all the people involved with the work done on my dentures. Everyone is very nice and friendly and I am happy with the results. Thank you all.
At The Denture Clinic, we offer a brand new way of creating complete dentures for our patients. With the impressions that we take, we use an articulator in order to create a replication of the way each patient's jaw movements interact in order to bite, speak, and chew. By doing this, we can create a better-fitting denture.

Additionally, when we construct our complete dentures, we use the "External Impression" technique. This involves taking impressions of the outside of the complete denture, the gum's surface, and the tongue and cheek areas in order to make sure that the dentures are created with a more accurate fit. In turn, patients with complete dentures constructed with this technique typically require little or no denture adhesive to keep their dentures in place.

There are so many benefits to having complete dentures made at The Denture Clinic. First off, our complete dentures can help with increasing the lower face height. With other types of dentures, patients find that their face, lips, and cheeks physically change due to their missing teeth. Custom-made complete dentures by The Denture Clinic can help reduce this outcome.

Second, patients enjoy a more accurate bite and chewing efficiency with these "External Impression" complete dentures. They fit tighter and better, allowing for a better overall fit and less sliding and movement of the denture along the gum line.

Third, these complete dentures utilize a Coble Balancer in order to make extremely fine-tuned adjustments as needed. This provides a very accurate, close fit of the dentures, and can make it easier for patients to have adjustments made to their false teeth.

If you are looking for a quality pair of complete dentures, call The Denture Clinic today to learn more about how our custom complete dentures are the way to go!

Complete Denture Sutton - Quotes image1 I have been attending The Denture Clinic for a considerable number of years, during that period I have had various treatments including dentures. My Dentures are the nearest I could have to normal teeth. Everybody at the clinic is so friendly, considerate and helpful which makes a visit there very more pleasant than others. I recommend them and I do every time I can. Complete Denture Sutton - Quotes image2


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    The Denture & Implant Clinic
    Rating: 5 The Denture & Implant Clinic - Five Star Reviews

    "I must express my complete satisfaction with the work that was carried out by the team at the Dental Clinic - I had removal of teeth, and implants and all associated work connected with the making of new dentures and for improving my confidence. I would also like commenmd the professionalism to all ataff and in particular Peter Silverside for his enduring patience and tolorance in resolving a rather complex situation. I would thoroughly recommend the practice to all with dental problems. PB - Sidcup