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At The Denture and Implant Clinic, we understand the confidence that your teeth can provide you with. Our oral bioengineering experts provide leading services to restore those broken smiles with stable and comfortable implants with a natural appearance, from dentures to a full set of teeth in a day

We know that you will require your implants to be a reliable, lifelong companion. That is why we invest in the finest materials for all of our patients in Surrey, and carry out our tailored procedures with the most thorough care, pre, during and post-treatment. You are in safe hands within our Surrey clinic.

Our teeth in a day process in Surrey

The concept of our teeth in a day procedure involves the removal of every tooth (if required) and placing a selection of implants into each arch, finalising the implant with a temporary bridge, allowing you to walk out of our doors with a full set of fixed teeth and a confident smile. Utilising top of the range equipment and technology, our dentists are able to carry out the procedure accurately and comfortably.

The implants we secure will be fixed to points along the jawbone. Taking advantage of existing bone structure removes the requirement for invasive surgery. The implants themselves will be measured, designed and created using the highest quality materials ahead of your fitting appointment. Our dentistry team will utilise their knowledge and accurate tools to secure your implants in place with precision, followed by the temporary bridge.

Post-procedure, it can take between three and six months for your gums and bones to heal, and this often involves a reduce of inflammation. Once this has occurred, we will supply you with a permanent bridge. We take the time before securing this to ensure that your bridge and implants fit securely for life, without the appearance of gaps or spacing.

Arrange for your free consultation in Surrey

Our specialist team are here to help and so provide free initial consultations for patients in Surrey. To arrange for yours, give us a call on 020 8629 1226, email us at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.

The benefits of our teeth in a day procedure in Surrey


  • Time effective
    You can restore your smile with a full set of fixed teeth within just one day.
  • Pain-free
    The procedure remains virtually pain-free, and we offer sedation to all patients in Surrey.
  • Minimal recovery time
    Post-fitting, recovery time is minimal, allowing you to return to normal life within a short timeframe.
  • Durable, stable implants
    The durability of our quality implants will allow you to continue eating all of your normal foods.
  • Simple hygiene regime
    Your implants will follow the same simple oral hygiene methods, such as brushing and flossing.
  • Finance options available
    Show off your smile without the stress with our choice of finance options.

Full arch implant bridges in Surrey

Whatever your needs or requests, we can create full arch implant bridges to suit your desires. Utilising the highest quality materials, we can guarantee to provide you with a gleaming, durable smile that doesn’t break the bank.

Why choose us for your teeth in a day in Surrey

Our calming clinic in Surrey is renowned for our teeth in a day procedure with many dentists in Surrey referring their patients to our highly experienced team for the complex treatment. From free initial consultations to an intensive aftercare service, our gentle dentists take care of every comprehensive step of the procedure. We cater to every type of patient in Surrey and supply safe and effective sedation that can ease the nerves of any that may be feeling apprehensive about the treatment.

With a CT scanner and laboratory on site, your teeth in a day procedure can be carried out in a highly time-effective manner. As a clinic dedicated to dental implants and dentures, you can depend on us. Investing in top of the range equipment and finest materials, you will be leaving our clinic doors with a durable, comfortable and gleaming smile to be proud of.

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