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Same Day Teeth
In Surrey

Same Day Teeth In Surrey

Teeth in a Day

  • Icon 1 Teeth in a Day

    Your teeth are extracted

  • Icon 2 Teeth in a Day

    4-6 implants placed

  • Icon 3 Teeth in a Day

    A fixed great, neutral looking temporary bridge is placed on the same day

  • Icon 4 Teeth in a Day

    3-6 months later a final bridge is made

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What Is The Same Day Teeth / Teeth In A Day Concept?

This concept involves removing all your teeth (if necessary), placing 4-6 dental implant per arch and then securing a fixed temporary bridge onto the implants so that you walk out with fixed teeth.

The temporary bridge will be replaced in 3-6 months with a permanent bridge.

Why Do I Need A Temporary Bridge, Can't You Just Place A Permanent Bridge Straight Away?

It takes 3-6 months for your gums and bone to heal, after we have placed the implants and your gums often shrink afterwards.

If we gave you the permanent bridge before the healing period was over, and your gums shrunk, you would be left with large gaps underneath the bridge. That's why we allow time for everything to heal and stabilize before we start to make the permanent implant bridge.

Will My Temporary Bridge Look Good?

Yes, your temporary bridge will look great, however everyone has slightly different opinions on what looks good. That's another reason why we place temporary bridges to begin with – so we can test out the bite and cosmetics, before we go ahead and make the final bridge. We try and spend time discussed what your objectives are so we have a good idea of what you are hoping to achieve before we start and this helps us to achieve those goals. Some people what a dazzling big bright smile, whereas others just want a natural look. It's important we establish this early on in the process.

How Many Visits Will I Need?

We don't like to cut corners here at The Denture & Implant Clinic and that's why we spend a long time perfecting your work so that it looks great and lasts a long time. You will need around multiple appointments, some very short and some long. It will take around 15 visits and anywhere between 5 – 18months depending on how much work needs to be done. The average time is 4-5months for the bottom and 8 months for the top teeth.

Why Choose Us

Highly Experienced Team

Highly Experienced Team

CT Scanner On Site

CT Scanner on site

Laboratory On Site

Laboratory On Site

PRGF Free to All Implant Patients

PRGF Free to all Implant Patients

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Smiling old woman
Sedation Available

Sedation Available

Friendly, trust worthy team

Friendly, trust worthy team

Gentle Dentists

Gentle Dentists

Treatment Guaranteed

Treatment Guaranteed

Great Aftercare service

Great Aftercare service

Great Reputation

Great Reputation within the dental community - Many dentists refer patients to us for complex treatment

Recently Fitted Full Arch Implant Bridges

We understand the need for personalization of your teeth. Over the years we have restored hundreads of full arch implant bridges and we have perfected various techniques so that you get a very individual, bespoke bridge thats suited to your needs and wishes. Everybody if different - some people may want a hollywood perfect smile, whereas others may want thier teeth looking natural. Whatever your needs we will ensure we listen to you and aim to deliver the results you want. As you can see all the bridges look different and are suited for that one patient only. Whats more is that when you come and see us, you know that the quality of material is above and beyond what our competitors are using. As we restore a lot of full mouth implabts we have perfected the technique so much that we can offer you the most expensive and best material for a fracture of the price. Call us now for a free consultation and we would be happy to talk you through the procedure.

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