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The high quality of our dental bioengineering treatments makes us a popular choice among Purley patients. With both the skill sets and the experience that separate us from other clinics, we offer dental implants that are of excellent quality. Every patient visiting The Denture & Implant Clinic feels comfortable from start to finish due to the calming and relaxing environment. It’s not worth trying to live with dentures that aren’t natural-looking and don’t fit correctly. For patients with missing teeth, we provide dentures that look and feel just like natural teeth. Having these procedures will give you both attractive and stable dentures, and you will also look younger as a result. All our complete dentures, 3D dentures, and partial dentures come with complete patient satisfaction guaranteed. We can only prove our quality service once you’ve experienced it yourself, so why not book a free consultation with our expert team today?

Dentures in Purley

If you live in Purley and need partially removable or removable dentures, The Denture & Implant Clinic can help you. We use the latest technology, including computer-aided engineering, to create dentures that are as natural-looking as possible. Our team of professionals is dedicated to offering our patients a satisfying outcome. With our expertise, experience, and commitment to creating beautiful smiles, our patients receive the very best dentures in London. We use the highest quality impression materials to provide the best fit for your dentures. You cannot wear dentures that fit your mouth precisely if they are not accurately fitted. In addition to providing a comfortable fitting denture, we also aim to bring about a confident smile with each wear.

If you would like to discuss your needs and desires in a relaxed, calm environment, we offer a free one-hour consultation. When we meet for a consultation, we discuss your current situation, why you would need dentures, and your goals. Many people want to accomplish different things with their dentures, so it is essential to discuss this right from the beginning when designing your dentures.

Implants in Purley

Those looking for dental implants in the Purley area can find the perfect solution at our clinic. Our team, which includes experienced professionals, utilises the latest technology when performing dental implant surgery. Depending on whether the tooth was lost due to decay, trauma, or a dental implant, your options may be slightly different. The staff from The Denture & Implant Clinic can help patients replace lost teeth. Missing teeth can cause problems, but dental implants can be an option for you if you need to replace your front teeth or restore the function of your back teeth. Dental implants of the highest quality can replace single structures or multiple structures that are missing. Contrary to conventional solutions, an implant with a single crown provides the best option. In the hands of our experienced, well-trained surgeons, this is a relatively simple procedure and very minor. A single appointment allows you to extract a failed tooth, place an implant, and add a tooth directly over the implant – instant implants and instant teeth.

The Denture & Implant Clinic allows you to replace your missing teeth with the help of our highly skilled team. While we treat minor cases like a missing tooth, most of our issues involve full mouth restorations. Several options exist for patients who need to replace a complete set of teeth.

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For more information, contact The Denture & Implant Clinic near Purley today. The services we offer can help you determine the best solution for your dental needs and help you live your life more confidently. We strive to assist our patients with whatever dental difficulties they may have. Our dental practice offers various services, such as partial dentures and dental implants, to help our clients achieve their dentistry goals. We can be reached today by phone at 020 8629 1226 or using the below form to arrange a consultation.

Why choose us for your dental implants in Purley

We are one of the leading denture and dental implant clinics near Wallington. With over 50 years of providing high-quality services to our patients, we continue to keep our clients happy even now. In parallel with technological advancements, we also develop as a clinic. We use the most innovative technology to create natural dentures and dental implants that boost our patients’ confidence and restore their smiles. Regardless of how complicated your past dental treatment has been, our team is ready to help you. To ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive dental care, we treat them with the utmost respect. To find out for yourself, just visit our site and read our client testimonials! We invite you to make an appointment at our dental clinic in Wallington to begin your dental transformation.

Our team of dental experts

The innovative design and fit of dentures have taken the experience of wearing one to the next level. Our clinic’s staff regularly attends courses in the United States and Europe to stay abreast of scientific developments. Every new idea that comes our way is added to our denture-making process to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. Each patient at our dental practice receives the time and information needed during their treatment to ensure a pleasant experience. A patient’s smile can be revived by restoring their teeth to health after tooth loss to remove various sensitivities caused by missing teeth. Our goal is to get to know our patients better and respond to their questions as if they were family, rather than just clients. We also strive to create an environment in which all our patients can feel comfortable and relaxed. Our dentistry professionals are here to help you revitalise and renovate your smile.


How to find our clinic from Purley

Via the A2022 and Woodmansterne Rd/B278, you can reach our professional dental clinic by car in around 12 minutes. If you would prefer to cycle to The Denture & Implant Clinic from Purley, it will take you 21 minutes in total. For those that prefer to utilise public transport, you can either take the 127 or 154 from Stop Y at Purley Library, with the journey taking just under 30 minutes. For any new patient struggling to locate our clinic, you can call our receptionist team on 020 8629 1226 for further help. Our friendly team is more than happy to assist our existing and new clients in choosing our services for the first time. We look forward to adding your name to our current list of clients and providing you with the expert care and dentures or implants you’ve been dreaming of.

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The Denture & Implant Clinic offers more than just dentures. Over the last 50 years, our team of dental experts has provided the highest quality of dental care to clients. We are eager to welcome patients with any kind of dental problem into our clinic and provide them with dentures and implants to boost their confidence. As well as delivering dentures, implants, and dental hygiene procedures, we also offer digital dentistry and same-day teeth. Our team of dentists is available at any time to help you achieve your goals, regardless of what type of dental work you need.


Same Day Teeth

Dental implants placed over the implants in a Same Day Teeth procedure involve removing your teeth (if necessary), placing 4-6 dental implants per arch, and then attaching a fixed temporary bridge so that you can walk out with secured teeth in a single visit. There will be a permanent bridge installed within 3-6 months to replace the temporary bridge.



The Denture & Implant Clinic offers a wide variety of hygiene services to its clients. In addition to providing the Airflow Master, we'll teach you how to maintain optimal oral hygiene with our products.


Digital dentistry

A traditional crown and bridge has served people for many years. Since digital dentistry has been developed, impressions and standard methods will no longer be required if impression accuracy is limited. Our digital dentistry specialists provide accurate, well-fitted, and natural-looking dentures and implants.

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Contact our missing tooth specialists by calling 020 8629 1226 today. A team member from our team will gladly schedule a meeting with you to discuss your needs. We have professional dentists who can help you, whether you need dentures or dental implants. We will identify your problems and provide you with the best dental solution at the highest quality that you deserve if you’ve been putting off taking care of your teeth.