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Do you find yourself hiding your smile in social situations? With our dental care, let that become a thing of a past and bring back your confidence with cosmetic dentistry in Croydon. Residents from Cameron Road to Harland Avenue have benefitted from the great service we provide, covering a range of cosmetic dental treatments including deep cleaning and same day teeth. We specialise in delivering tailored solutions for our gentle dental treatments, no matter what your smile requirements may be.

The cosmetic dentistry services we deliver in Croydon


Our dental care ranges across a variety of specialist treatments, from restorative dentistry to increased oral hygiene. We have the expertise to transform every smile. Take a look at the ways in which we could restore your smile.


Our dedicated denture clinic in Croydon provides top-rated trusted solutions to residents requiring dentures, in a variety of fixture options. From partial to complete dentures, we utilise innovative approaches, ensuring we deliver a bespoke solution that perfects the smile of every patient, in minimal stages.


Our team of professional surgeons are experts in oral bio-engineering and provide specialist implant solutions for every patient. Our on-site CT scanner will take an accurate image of your mouth, allowing us to provide a replica of your missing teeth in a variety of fixture options. Sedation is also available for nervous patients.

Same day teeth

Restore your smile in a fast, simple, and pain-free way with our Same Day Teeth procedure. We take complete care and work with extensive accuracy throughout the transition, removing damaged teeth and supplying you with a temporary bridge as your gums and bone heal, before partnering you with your permanent tooth replacements.

Deep cleaning

Our hygienist uses innovative technology to gently provide a healthy and clean smile. The Airflow Master, combining air, water, and a fine cleansing powder together, can leave you with a smile so clean it could dazzle! Professionally freshen your breath and remove any staining and retain your own teeth for longer.

Digital dentistry

Moving with the times, we utilise top of the range technology and innovative techniques to provide a smoother service for every patient. Our Intra Oral Scanners remove the requirement for uncomfortable impressions, and instead provide a simple, relaxed, and painless scan with highly accurate results.

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Specialising in a range of specialist cosmetic dental treatments, we can successfully restore every smile. Don’t hold back, get in touch today and arrange for your free virtual consultation. Your only regret will be not doing it sooner! Give us a call on 020 8629 1226 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

Why choose us for cosmetic dentistry in Croydon?

  • Specialist team
    Our cosmetic dental team are one of the best you will find – nationwide! Highly trained, their skills only ever evolve further with every smile they transform in Croydon.
  • Gentle dentistry
    No matter the cosmetic treatment you choose to undergo, our dental team will remain gentle, using a calming and comfortable approach to put you at ease.
  • Calm environment
    Visiting the dentist can be a daunting task for a nervous patient. Our calm environment counteracts these emotions, and our welcoming reception team provide confidence in our care.
  • Finance options available
    When it comes to the payment of your treatment, we offer a range of helpful options, such as the ability to spread the cost out into manageable monthly payments.

Why choose treatments from our orthodontists in Croydon?

Our team of orthodontists in Croydon are highly experienced and have built up the skills needed to provide highly effective treatments. When you choose us to work on your smile, you can feel confident that the results will:

  • Ensure an even, consistent, and long-lasting smile.
  • Correct any problems with your jaw and the position of your bite.
  • Improve your oral hygiene by ensuring your teeth can be cleaned effectively.
  • Boost your confidence and encourage you to smile more often.

Find out what our Croydon patients say about our cosmetic dentistry

With our expertise and long-standing presence in the dental industry, we have successfully transformed smiles all over Croydon, increasing confidence as we go. Don’t believe us? Find out what our patients have to say.

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