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Oral Bioengineering experts providing leading dentures in New Malden


We’ve built a team of expert dentists within The Denture and Implant Clinic who provide exceptional dental implants and dentures to patients in New Malden. We have more than 50 years of oral bioengineering experience amongst our team, setting us up perfectly to provide the best possible care to our patients.

All our dentures are crafted according to the needs of our patients to make sure that they receive the results that they need and can feel satisfied with. We’ve helped a number of patients throughout New Malden previously, from Connaught Road to Malden Hill, and will be happy to work with you to transform your smile. With options such as complete and 3D dentures, we ensure that every patient can find their ideal dentures.

As part of our approach, we’ve adopted the latest technology to make sure that we are doing everything we can to provide the results our patients deserve. We’ll work closely with you to produce dentures that will last a lifetime and provide the comfortable fit that you require. We are the expert dentists you’ve been looking for if you need natural-looking, high-quality dentures in New Malden.

Our New Malden denture construction process


  • The first impressions
    Using an alginate impression material within custom-made trays, we will take an impression of your teeth that allows us to start designing your dentures. The resulting image of your teeth will demonstrate their arrangement and let our experts get to work.
  • The second impression and bite
    A range of different silicone impression materials will be used to capture all the details of your teeth, ranging from a thicker mixture to capture their outline through to a liquid that will copy every detail of your smile. To record your bite, we will use a gnathometer to gain the specialist information we require.
  • The dress rehearsal
    You’ll be asked to try your dentures at this stage so that we can make sure you are completely happy with the results. We can make any changes before the design is finalised, so give us any feedback on fit, bite, and appearance.
  • The fit
    This is the final step in the process – checking that the fit and stability of the denture are as good as they can be. You can then leave us with a brand-new smile, made just for you. We will also offer follow-up visits to ensure you remain happy once you’ve received your dentures.

Arrange for your free consultation in New Malden

Want to see what we can do for your smile? Call 020 8629 1226 or email [email protected] to arrange a free consultation with a member of our team. We’ll be happy to talk to you about our denture services and will discuss the right solution for your unique requirements.

Why we are the experts your dentures need in New Malden

If you’re based in New Malden, you won’t find a team of dentists who are better qualified to provide your dentures. No matter what you want to achieve by using our services, we will always spend the time with you to make sure that we fully understand your requirements and know how to meet them. All our patients have complete peace of mind that they are benefitting from our oral bioengineering expertise and that they are receiving the best possible value for money. We want our high-quality dentures to be available to the widest possible audience in New Malden – we can even offer finance options where required.


How to find out clinic from New Malden

By car: Driving to your appointment from New Malden will take you 30 minutes. From Malden Road, take the 3rd exit at the roundabout onto Malden Way before taking a left onto South Lane. Then, take a right onto Malden Road and continue for approximately 2 miles. You’ll want to take a left onto Lumley Road, followed by a right onto St Dunstan’s Hill. From this point the journey is extremely straightforward. Take a left onto Cheam Road and continue driving as it becomes Carshalton Road. Take a right onto Harrow Road and then another onto Banstead Road where you will find our clinic on your left.


By public transport: You will need to allow just over an hour to travel to our clinic using the buses from New Malden. Take the 213 to Sutton Civic Centre, then switch onto the 407 to reach Carshalton Road/Cambridge Road. From this stop it will take you 9 minutes to walk to your appointment. To take the train, you should allow 47 minutes in total. Take the South Western Railway train from Motspur Park to Epsom for 12 minutes. Then, take the Southern train to Carshalton Beeches for 14 minutes. This is our nearest station and is only 4 minutes away.

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Find out exactly what our quality denture services can do for you by contacting our friendly, expert team. You can arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements with a specialist by calling 020 8629 1226 or sending an email to [email protected].