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Oral Bioengineering experts providing leading dental implants in New Malden

The high quality of our dental bioengineering treatments has made us a popular choice among New Malden-based patients. The skill sets and experience that separate us from other clinics allow us to provide dental implants of exceptional quality. We ensure that every client visiting The Denture & Implant Clinic experiences a calm and relaxing journey from beginning to end. A false set of dentures is not worth living with if they aren’t natural-looking and don’t fit.

We provide patients with missing teeth with custom-made dentures that mimic natural teeth. If you have these procedures done, you will be given standard approaches, made with traditional methods both attractive and stable dentures, and you will also look younger. When you work with our team, you’ll be 100% satisfied with your complete dentures, 3D dentures, or partial dentures. Until you’ve experienced our quality service first-hand, there’s no other way to prove it, so why not arrange a free consultation with our team of implant experts?

Dentures in New Malden

At The Denture & Implant Clinic, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dream smile. With an on-site denture clinic and laboratory, we can help any patient achieve their goals for dentistry. Our clients have trusted us for over 50 years, and we have built the best reputation in the area. As one of the top-rated clinics for 3D dentures, partial dentures, and complete dentures, our team will get to know your needs before advising which dentures will be best for your needs. We also provide digital denture fitting, which involves computer-aided engineering to help achieve the perfect fit and natural look.

We use the very best equipment in the industry to treat our patients, and we even offer finance plans to help our clients achieve their goals. From start to finish, we provide professional advice to our clients and the dental service they need. You can benefit from a free one-hour consultation with our team to discuss what you’re looking for, along with a follow-up face-to-face appointment. All you have to do is check our reviews online from previous patients to realise our services’ quality.

Implants in New Malden

Our dental practice offers the best solution for dental implant patients. Our team of expert dental implant professionals uses the latest technology to provide the best service to our patients. In some cases, replacing a single tooth after losing a dental implant may be unclear if you suffered decay or even trauma.

At The Denture & Implant Clinic near New Malden, our dedicated team can help patients replace missing teeth. Embedding dental implants is a viable alternative to dentures if you need to replace front teeth or restore function to back teeth. With the highest quality dental implants, we can replace one or more missing teeth. An implant with a single crown is the ideal option when compared with conventional solutions. We have experienced, well-trained surgeons who can perform effective treatment with minor interference. It is possible for TDIC to remove the failed tooth, place the implant, and attach a new tooth directly on the implant within one appointment.

We are dedicated to helping you replace your missing teeth; our team at The Denture & Implant Clinic is here to help. In addition to small cases such as replacing a single tooth, we do most of our work on full mouth restorations. If a whole set of teeth needs to be replaced, patients have a few options to choose from depending on their needs.

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For a consultation, call The Denture & Implant Clinic near New Malden. Your dentist can help you determine what dental treatment will be most beneficial for your needs and help you feel more confident in your everyday life. We provide a friendly and professional service to all our patients, regardless of their dental issues. Our dental practice provides a range of dental services, such as partial dentures and dental implants, to help our clients achieve their dentistry goals. For a consultation complete the below contact form or call us on 020 8629 1226.

Why choose us for your dental implants in New Malden

As a leading dentist based near New Malden, we can provide dentures and dental implants. Even after 50 years of providing high-quality services to our patients, we continue to keep them satisfied. In parallel with technological advances, we as a clinic are also developing. We use the most advanced technology to create natural dentures and dental implants to boost patients’ confidence and restore their smiles. We can help you no matter how complicated your past dental treatment was. We ensure that our clients receive comprehensive dental care by treating them with respect and courtesy. Visit our site to read client testimonials and see for yourself! For a dental transformation that begins at our dental clinic, please call us or click here to schedule an appointment.

Our team of dental experts in Cheam

Today, dentures are more comfortable than ever before because of their innovative design and fit. Our staff visit America and Europe regularly to keep informed about the latest developments and techniques. As we strive to provide our patients with the best care possible, we incorporate every new idea into the process of denture making. Our dental practice takes the time needed to make your visit as stress-free as possible. When teeth are lost, different sensitivities can arise, eased by working with each patient to restore their smile. Our goal is to get to know our patients better and respond to their questions as if they were family, rather than just clients. The environment we create for our patients makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. As dental professionals, we help patients to restore their smiles.


How to find our clinic from New Malden

You can take the Southern Western railway to reach The Denture & Implant Clinic from New Malden. It takes 47 minutes in total if you take the Southern Western train followed by the Southern train. The trains run regularly from Motspur Park, meaning you can reach our clinic via train at any time. Alternatively, you can also get to our clinic by the 213 or 154 bus, and the journey takes a total of 51 minutes altogether. For those who cycle, it takes 35 minutes via London Road. If you drive or want to take a taxi to our clinic, it takes a total of 18 minutes via Cleveland Road and Kings Lane. If you are unsure of how to find us after utilising the directions set out above you can call our friendly receptionist team, who will assist you further with directions to the practice.

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Here at The Denture & Implant Clinic, we are much more than a denture clinic. We have been providing high-quality dentistry to our clients for over 50 years. Patients with all types of dental problems are welcome to our clinic, where we offer them dentures or implants to restore their confidence. The oral surgeons at our practice provide a wide range of dental services, including dental hygiene, digital dentistry, and same-day teeth. Any dental work you require will be handled at any time, and we are available to assist you.


Same Day Teeth

Typically, with same-day teeth, your teeth are removed (if necessary), 4-6 dental implants are placed per arch, and then a temporary bridge is affixed to the implants so that you walk out with fixed teeth. In 3 to 6 months, the temporary bridge will be replaced with a permanent structure.



Here at The Denture & Implant Clinic, we guarantee a high level of hygiene for all our patients. In addition to offering the Airflow Master, we'll teach you how to maintain optimal oral hygiene with our products.


Digital dentistry

Traditional methods are problematic due to the number of steps involved. This can result in a lot of inaccuracies. In the case of an impression, a dentist's technique determines how accurate the appearance is. Having an impression can be difficult, and it's not apparent until it's made. With digital dentistry, the best quality denture and implants can be produced.

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Our missing teeth experts are available to talk about your requirements on 020 8629 1226. A team member from our team will gladly schedule a meeting with you to discuss your needs. In addition to dentures and dental implants, our professional dentists will provide all the services you require. You don’t have to put off the dental care you need; our specialist team will identify your problem and provide you with a high-quality solution.