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What is a chrome cobalt denture?


Chrome cobalt is a medically approved, light alloy metal. When making a denture, chrome cobalt is the strongest and most durable option to use, while ensuring no gum or mouth irritation.

Dentures made from this material are typically partial or single tooth dentures, which possess a metal framework that supports false teeth. A complete chrome cobalt denture is extremely rare as they usually necessitate support from remaining natural teeth to ensure a secure fit. However, patients with complete upper dentures, sometimes prefer the palate to be covered with chrome instead of acrylic. There are certain advantages to this as chrome is much thinner, so the dentures feel less bulky. Some patients also like the fact that heat from food is better transferred.

Despite being made from metal, chrome cobalt dentures are usually unnoticeable when inside the mouth. This is achieved by the metal structures being lighter, less bulky, and easily hidden when worn. Additionally, in some cases the metal parts are covered by plastic gum and teeth. Furthermore, in a chrome cobalt denture the palate and the clasps can be cast together, to add to the strength and durability of the denture.

Acrylic denture vs cobalt chrome dentures

When considering between acrylic and chrome cobalt dentures, a key factor to consider is your current number of teeth. If you possess no teeth whatsoever then acrylic dentures will likely be the best option as acrylic dentures won’t receive any support from your remaining teeth unlike chrome cobalt ones. On the other hand, if you require a partial denture and have remaining teeth then a chrome cobalt denture is a highly viable option.

Chrome cobalt has several advantages over acrylic, including being lighter, stronger & more durable, resulting in a more comfortable and less bulky fit. Subsequently, they are overall much more discreet when worn and gives the patient confidence when eating or speaking. They are also made to fit more precisely to an individual’s mouth to ensure they are highly secure and usually also last much longer than acrylic dentures.

The main disadvantage of chrome cobalt dentures are they are more costly than an acrylic denture. Although the improved quality is arguably worth the increased outlay. Another factor to consider is that a chrome cobalt denture is harder to make additional adjustments to. If your mouth undergoes changes over time, or your other teeth are extracted then you may require a brand-new set of dentures. However, it is best for your dentist to plan for the future accordingly and design the denture in such a way so that it is future proof.

Additionally, when cleaning chrome cobalt dentures you must be careful, and there are comprehensive dentist instructions that should be followed. This includes not leaving your dentures overnight in denture cleaner, and thoroughly reading the manufacturer instructions when using any denture products.

Now you have comprehended the aforementioned factors and key details regarding chrome cobalt dentures, you will be able to make an informed decision. Clearly, chrome cobalt dentures on paper are the premium standard of dentures with immense quality.

As chrome dentures are more costly, you must be prepared to undergo private treatment. Additionally, you must be prepared to maintain good oral hygiene to ensure that your mouth stays healthy, and no future extractions are required, as changes are difficult to make on chrome cobalt dentures. Having said that, teeth are likely to last longer with a professionally designed chrome denture compared to standard acrylic dentures. To summarise, the decision is often fairly straightforward, as the overall pros of chrome cobalt dentures far outweigh the cons.