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The Benefits of Our Teeth in a Day Dental Implant Procedure

The Denture & Implant Clinic - Teeth in a Day

The Denture & Implant Clinic (TDIC) is proud to announce a new innovative dental treatment solution for denture wearers called ‘teeth in a day’! Imagine getting completely secure, stable teeth in just one day. Our teeth in a day dental implant solution provides many benefits for denture wearers, compared to dentures and other dental implant procedures.

What is the ‘teeth in a day’ solution?

‘Teeth in a day’ is the ultimate dental implant solution for denture wearers. It is exactly as the name describes – permanent, non-removable teeth in just one day. This innovative solution is made possible through the use of technology and a simplified treatment concept that provides:

  • permanent, non-removal teeth (imagine never taking your teeth out again)
  • predictable aesthetics (beautiful looking teeth)

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits associated with our ‘teeth in a day’ solution:

You can eat your favourite foods again.

When was the last time you were able to bite into a crisp apple, or dig into a juicy steak? If you wear dentures, then the answer is probably not for a long, long time. With The Denture & Implant Clinic’s ‘teeth in a day’ dental implant solution, you can enjoy all your favourite foods again. Most denture wearers desperately search restaurant menus thinking “What can I eat tonight?”. With stable and secure permanent teeth that do not move, you simply say “What do I want to eat tonight?”

Enjoy increased self-confidence.

There are few things more embarrassing than having your dentures flop out of your mouth while speaking to someone else. But that is precisely what many people who wear dentures are concerned about every time they open their mouths. Not anymore! With TDIC’s ‘teeth in a day’ procedure, denture wearers can enjoy the freedom and confidence of having completely stable and secure teeth. With a beautiful set of teeth attached to implants, you will have the confidence and freedom to enjoy any social activity you desire without worrying about loose dentures ever again!

A more affordable dental implant cost than ever before!

Thanks to the latest in dental implant technology, permanent teeth have never been more affordable and cost effective. Using a procedure called ‘teeth in a day’, our qualified team of dentists and dental surgeons place a permanent set of teeth on only four to six implants per arch. Conventional dental implant procedures typically require anywhere from 6 to 12 implants per arch. Fewer implants mean reduced costs/price and time, meaning the savings will pass on to you, the patient!

Quick procedure and recovery time

Many people who wear dentures are concerned with how long a dental implant procedure will take, as well as the amount of time it will take to recover from the procedure. Conventional dental implant procedures can require many appointments, and many hours of long surgical procedures. In addition, the recovery from conventional dental implants can take weeks, months and even years. With The Denture & Implants Clinics ‘teeth in a day’ solution, the main procedure takes just one day, instead of multiple appointments.

What does our ‘teeth in a day’ treatment involve?

Stage 1 – examination and CT scan

This is to ensure that the ‘teeth in a day’ solution is right for you. If you have many teeth remaining it is important to confirm that the right solution is to remove all your teeth and replace with dental implants. If we feel that you would benefit from keeping your teeth, then we will discuss the options with you, along with any additional work that may be required to make them last the longest they can (we will also discuss options to improve cosmetics if needed).

A CT scan is a 3-dimentional x-ray that shows us how much bone you have, where the bone is, the quality of bone and the location of any important structures such as your sinuses and nerves. It is amazing how much detail you can see. Doing complex implant surgery prior to having a CT scan is dangerous and that is why we take a CT scan before every implant procedure. We are lucky to have one in house – many dental practices will send you to London to get one done.

Once the CT scan has been examined, we will explain the findings and propose a treatment plan for you. We will then provide you with a detailed letter including fees.

Stage 2 – designing your new temporary teeth

We will take scans of your teeth and then discuss how you would like your new teeth to look. We will advise on what we think will look nice and decide together the final tooth positions and colour.

Stage 3 – placement of Implants and fixing the new full arch bridges.

This is the longest appointment. All your teeth will be extracted (if appropriate) new implants will be placed and a full arch fixed temporary bridge will be secured onto the implants.

Stage 4 – Ceramic bridge is fitted

After 6 months healing, a new permanent ceramic bridge will be fitted. The final bridge can be made from a variety of materials.