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What are same day dentures?

Same day dentures

We get many patients coming to see us as we can provide the incredible service of making same day dentures. It’s very rare to find a clinic that can offer this, and we will explain why and what options are available to you.

How long do dentures normally take to make?

Dentures normally take around four to five weeks to make. This is because we need around four visits to take certain measurements and impressions. After each visit the measurements and impressions we take are sent to the laboratory (who makes the dentures) and they prepare these and send us more work back which we need to progress to the next stage.

It normally takes a week for the laboratory to finish the work and then send it back to us. This is why dentures take so long to make.

The laboratory technician will not just receive work from us, but he or she will be working on other people’s work so it’s difficult for them to get back work quicker than this.

What are the stages of denture making?

  • First Impressions
  • Second Impressions (more accurate)
  • Try-In (to check everything looks ok before we finish them)
  • Fit

How do we make dentures so quick?

We work very closely with our laboratory technician, so he will always prioritize our work over others. In addition, he works on site so he’s not having to wait for the driver to pick up work and bring it to him which saves a considerable amount of time. As he works on site he can see you right away and will work on your dentures as soon as the dentist is finished with them.

Any adjustments we need to make, he can make them there and then rather than having to post them off and wait for him to get them.

This means we can cut down time drastically.

What are the problems with same day dentures?

Same day dentures can have potential problems. Normally once we finish the 3rd appointment we heat cure the acrylic overnight which makes the dentures really strong. If we are making same day dentures, we cannot heat cure it, so the dentures are potentially weaker than normal.

To counteract this, what we normally do is say you will have your dentures in 24 hours and that way we can heat cure it overnight.

Can I just turn up and get 24hour dentures?

No, there is a considerable amount of work that goes into making dentures and we will need to ensure the relevant team members have enough time to make it happen. Therefore, we will need to arrange this appointment to ensure everyone is booked out and ready to work on your dentures.

Before you book in we will need to examine your mouth first to ensure the 24-hour dentures are the correct solution for you.

Can you guarantee my dentures will be ready in 24hours?

In most cases we can expect the dentures to be ready in 24 hours, however, if there is a problem with one of the stages we can request more time to ensure you get the best quality denture.

Can I get same day fixed teeth as well?

Yes – this is when we place implants and then secure a denture onto those implants. So, we could potentially remove all your teeth (if needed) and you would leave with a fixed denture.


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