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Missing all your teeth? Some full mouth solutions to replace missing teeth

Missing All Your Teeth? Some Full Mouth Solutions To Replace Missing Teeth

Here at The Denture & Implant Clinic we are experts at replacing missing teeth – it’s what we do all day, every day! Although we do take on smaller cases like a single missing tooth, the majority of our cases are for full mouth restorations. We have many options for patients to choose from when it is time to replace a full set of teeth:

  1. Full Arch Implant Bridge

This is a fixed option, which means that it’s in your mouth permanently and you don’t ever remove it. It’s generally the best option for full dental arch replacement for a number of reasons:

  • You can eat whatever you want with it – it’s rock solid, so there is no movement at all. That means you can eat steak, nuts, and any other foods you love. The replacement teeth are strong enough to sustain the impact of all foods. They come in a variety of materials, which will determine how long the bridge lasts.
  • The bridges are permanently fixed in your mouth, so do you don’t ever have to take them out. This means you don’t have to worry about losing them or taking them out when you go to bed – you just wake up in the morning and brush your teeth as normal.
  • They feel pretty much like a set of normal healthy teeth. You don’t have big thick plastic bits on the sides of the teeth, so they don’t feel bulky in your mouth.
  • They will look, feel, and function like a real set of healthy good teeth would. It’s the closest thing to nature we can get.
  • They last the longest out of all the options.

Read more in our FAQ about full arch implant bridges

  1. Implant Retained Denture

Missing All Your Teeth? Some Full Mouth Solutions To Replace Missing Teeth

This is often referred to as a clip-on denture. The concept is simple – we use dental implants to help anchor in a loose denture. The implants are fused into the bone and are like studs that poke out of the gum, which allow the denture to grab hold of them. The implants stay in the mouth permanently and the denture is removable. Here are the advantages:

  • The implants secure a loose denture
  • The dentures will be tight and not move around
  • You can eat most things
  • We can keep the palate uncovered
  • Cost effective
  • Simpler/quicker to do than the full arch implant bridges

A lot of our patients go for this option because its significantly better than having a normal denture and it’s not as expensive as having a fixed full arch implant bridge.

Read more in the FAQs about implant retained dentures

  1. Hybrid Denture/Bridge

This option sits in the middle of the first two options in terms of outcome. It is fixed in placed by implants and is not removable by you at home; however, it is removed by the dentist at hygiene visits.  The good thing about this option is that it has all the benefits of the fixed implant bridges (i.e., it is very secure and you never have to remove it) and every time you come to see us, we can remove the bridge/denture quickly to clean around the implants. This option is in between the first two in terms of cost.

  1. Dentures

Missing All Your Teeth? Some Full Mouth Solutions To Replace Missing Teeth

The last option is to have a normal denture. This is a removable appliance, which means you will need to take it out at nighttime. It is not the best option as the dentures can move around and eating is not as comfortable. As our clinic has a special interest in dentures, we can make the best dentures that are possible; however, sometimes we are limited by the outcome we can achieve. Every case if different and dentures can work incredibly well in some patients (if the bone is good).

The advantages of dentures are:

  • They are quick and easy
  • They don’t require surgery, so no recovery is needed and it is great for nervous patients
  • They are a lot cheaper than implants

Learn more at a consultation

As you can see, there are lots of options available and the right one for you will depend upon many things such as finances, the outcome you are seeking, medical status, and the anatomy of your mouth. If you are keen to explore implant options, then we recommend having a CT scan taken to plan your case out. After this we would be able to give you an exact fee and breakdown of all the appointments.

To learn more about your full mouth restoration options, including what options are right for you and replacing missing teeth cost, call us today at 020 8629 1226. We are always accepting new patients and are ready to help you transform your smile!

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