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Wallington area dentist describes partial dentures

Partial Dentures from Wallington Dentist

When one or more teeth are missing or extracted from the dental arch, it is important that patients seek restorative solutions such as dentures to repair the function and beauty of their smile. Missing teeth can negatively impact one’s ability to eat, speak, and smile, so speaking with the team of The Denture Clinic in the Wallington area is the best way to get started in learning more about dentures.
We provide a wide range of restorations including partial dentures. Partial dentures are known for use in repairing the smile after one or several teeth have been affected. These dentures are made of metal and acrylic framework to snap in and out of the dental arch for better function and beauty. This also makes them much easier to clean and adjust as necessary for a better fit.
Partial dentures are considered by patients for many reasons. They are affordable, effective, removable, easy to care for, and can last many years with adjustments and changes as necessary. Patients who have partial dentures are encouraged to bring them to their dentist during cleanings and examinations to make sure they fit right and are providing proper bite and chewing efficiency. This is also a great time to replace anything that may be broken on the dentures or make minor adjustments for optimum comfort. At any time patients feel as though their partial dentures need to be changed, they are more than welcome to contact The Denture Clinic to book an appointment for adjustments as necessary.
Partial dentures are important for repairing the smile and restoring beauty and function to the teeth. Dr. Justin Stewart and the team of The Denture Clinic are here to assist new and existing patients in the Wallington area and surrounding communities in repairing their smile after tooth loss. Contact his practice today to book a consultation visit and examination and get started learning about partial dentures, dental implants, and full dentures-all effective methods of restoring the smile!
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