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Dentures that are made by NHS dentists

Why Are NHS Dentures So Bad?

This article if intended to highlight the differences between private dentures made by us and the typical standard dentures that are made on the NHS. The NHS can be a great system for those who cannot afford private options but it does have its limitations. This needs to be discussed as often patients are not aware of such limitations and options should be discussed thoroughly for proper valid consent. Often patients who have had experience with dentures within the national health service will be disappointed with the result. Dentists must never assume that the patient wants the cheapest option. In … Continue reading

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Bad fitting dentures can also cause jaw joint issues

The real damage bad-fitting dentures are doing to you

At The Denture & Implant Clinic, we see a lot of new clients come in for a free consultation, who have extremely poor-fitting / poorly made dentures and are hoping we can help. They also often have no idea that their dentures are causing so many problems with their mouth until we explain what’s going on. There are many problems with badly fitting dentures, so let talk about the most common issues. So, the first is that poorly fitting dentures will often have a small gap between the gingivae and the dentures (gums), which leads to food being trapped between … Continue reading

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Dr. Suril Amin and his staff at The Denture and Implant Clinic of Sutton

What is the latest technology with Dentures?

When patients are considering tooth replacement options such as dental implants, they are often interested in learning how these solutions can be used to permanently improve their smile. With today’s new dental implant technologies, receiving implants is easier than ever. Dr. Suril Amin and the team at The Denture and Implant Clinic believe in providing quality solutions for new and existing patients interested in dental implants and other restorative treatments. What are the latest dental technologies for dentures and implants? There are many ways in which Dr. Suril Amin can prepare and place implants and dentures for patients with amazing … Continue reading

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problems with Flexi-dentures

The Real Damage Flexi-Dentures are doing to your teeth

We get so many people coming to see us enquiring about Flexi-dentures. They have had them in the past or their dentist has recommended them, but are the patients aware of the damage that they can be doing to their teeth? As a dentist treating friends and neighbors near in Sutton, I feel a responsibility to disclose these problems. This article will explain the issues with Flexi-dentures and map out the reasons we don’t recommend them to our patients. Problems with Flexi-dentures you may know(or might not be aware of)   1. They put a lot of non-favourable pressure on … Continue reading

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