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Latest Technology at our practice

Latest Technology At Our Practice

Gadgets at our practice

At our practice, The Denture & Implant Clinic, we believe in providing the very best dental care to our patients and that’s why we continually invest in the latest technology, including lasers, so that you get the very best treatment possible.

1. Loupes

All our dentists wear high-powered magnification lenses so that we can see in great detail the quality of our work. The detail you can see is unbelievable, and it really is a game-changer. If you’re looking for high quality work – you really need to see a dentist who has loupes. They look like glasses but with magnification lenses on them – they are pretty easy to spot. Even our hygienist wears them!

2. CT Scanner

A CT scanner allows us to view a 3D x-ray of your entire jawbone and teeth. Normal x-rays are two dimensional, so although we can see the length of the tooth, there is no way to flip it round to see how wide it is. A CT Scan can give incredible amounts of information and is great for diagnosing bone loss or infections around teeth. It is particularly useful to have a scan prior to dental implant treatment. As it’s a very expensive bit of kit, only dedicated centers will have invested in one of these.

3. Air Flow

This great machine allows us to blast staining, even where normal scaling cannot remove it, in a completely pain-free way. The way it works is by blasting very fine powder particles on the tooth and off the stain goes! Patients love it and they almost become addicted to coming back for more all the time.

It is also great at cleaning around implants to improve their lifespan so if you have dental implants it’s vital to ensure you see a hygienist with an Air Flow Master Perio.


Wouldn’t you want to heal quicker and better? Well thanks to PRGF, this is no longer something to dream about – we can achieve exactly that now!

We take some blood from your arm (just like for a normal blood test) and we spin it in a machine, which separates the different layers of blood. There is a specific layer of blood that has all the platelets and growth factors in it, and we take that part of the blood, activate it, and put it all around the surgical area. This greatly improves healing, prevents post-op pain and swelling.

In fact, we think it is so good that we give it away to patients for FREE with all our implant placements.

5. Digital X-rays

It’s alarming that some dentists are still using old x-rays, which you must wait for them to be developed, which normally takes around 30 mins. Imagine being half way through treatment and having to wait 30 mins before you can act upon it? We think that this gets in the way of providing you with world class service and that’s why we have invested in new digital technology that allows us to see x-rays instantly. What’s more is that digital x-rays require significantly less radiation than normal x-rays.


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