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Latest options in stabilizing dentures

Latest in dentures

Patients with full dentures often have trouble keeping them in place. While many denture wearers do so using natural suction or denture adhesives, they may still result in shifting, rubbing dentures no matter how well they are fitted. Many patients who are seeking a way to stabilize their dentures are encouraged to learn about the latest method in clipping dentures in place: dental implants.

Dental implants are titanium posts that Surrey area patients have used in the past for replacing missing teeth. To replace a single tooth, patients would have a dental implant placed into the jawbone and restore the top with a dental crown. The implant acts as a tooth root and the crown on top acts as the visible part of the tooth. This makes it a highly desirable option for the replacement of a single tooth. However, dental implants are incredibly versatile and can be used for denture stabilization.

Several dental implants are planned out within the dental arch for placement. Individuals must have sufficient bone structure to ensure the success of the procedure. The implants are then made to work with the dentures, clipping them in place and ensuring strength and stability. Patients who use implant-supported dentures are excited to learn that they can enjoy all their favourite foods without worry as the dentures will stay firmly in place!

Dental implants do take some time to place. They require patients to undergo oral surgery and allow time for the jawbone to fuse to the implant. This ensures the process of osseointegration occurs which is the stimulation and formation of bone around the implant. This keeps the implant stable.

If you want to find out if implant-supported dentures are right for your smile, contact the team of The Dental Implant Clinic today to book a consultation visit and examination. We can assist men and women in determining which restoration methods are most appropriate based on their specific needs and unique situation, and work with patients in repairing the function and aesthetics of their smiles.

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