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Kenley, Surrey area patients learn about the procedure for placing a dental implant

Dental implant procedures from Sutton Dentist

At The Denture and Implant Clinic, our team of professionals believe that patients in and around Kenley, Surrey should have the ability to improve their smile’s appearance and function with the placement of a dental implant. Dental implants are a popular choice among patients because of the benefits they provide. They are known for lasting a lifetime and are versatile when it comes to improving beauty and health. They maintain natural bone and allow patients to permanently replace missing teeth. Many patients are interested in learning more about the procedure.

Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure starts with an extensive consultation appointment. This includes a physical examination as well as x-rays. This gives the dentist the opportunity to check the health of the bone to determine if dental implant placement would be successful. Patients are encouraged to ask questions about how implants work and whether they are appropriate. Once it is decided that dental implants are the way to go, the surgical appointment is scheduled. This is the point when the dental implant is placed into the bone of the jaw. Afterwards, patients are educated on what to expect in terms of the healing process and how to keep their smiles healthy.

Find Out More Today!

If you believe that dental implants are right for you and you are ready to discuss the benefits of treatment with a dental professional, now is the time to speak with the team of The Denture and Implant Clinic and find out more! Contact us today at [phone] and visit our practice at 42 & 46 Banstead Road in Carshalton Beeches, Surrey. We welcome new patients into our practice and want to visit with you to discuss your restoration needs.
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