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Green Dentists

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At the practice of Dr. Suril Amin in Sutton, patients in search of an eco-friendly dental practice in the community need to work with a team that offers “green dentistry.” Our practice understands the needs of the future, and our team works hard to ensure we follow steps to maintain our planet earth and protect it for future generations.

There is overwhelming evidence to show that anthropologic changes are causing a negative effect on our planet. It is clear to see that our planet is changing for the worse – global warming, extinction of species, and plastics in our oceans are causing devastation. We are not ruining our planet – just ruining its ability to support us as a species. We must all act together to help save our planet and here’s what we are doing:

  1. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Strict regulations in the dental industry mean that once instruments are sterilized, they must be sealed in a pouch to prevent ‘recontamination’. These pouches are obviously single use and at the end of the day, we’re left with a massive pile of pouches that are made from plastic and paper. It’s vital these are recycled!!!

  1. Digital Impressions

Old school techniques of making crowns, dentures and bridges waste a lot of time and material. Impressions are mostly made from silicone – a man made material that does not biodegrade. This means it will be sitting in a landfill site for thousands of years. At our clinic we use a digital scanner which means no more silicone impressions. In addition, we tell our lab technicians to digitally CAD/CAM design our crowns and bridges which means no waste, as there is when plastic models are 3D printed.

  1. Electric Car

Dr Amin drives an electric car, which means zero emissions. All those small trips to the lab and the daily commute add to our carbon footprint and a good way to reduce this is to drive an electric car.

  1. Digital X-rays

Traditional x-rays used to take a lot of energy and harmful chemicals to process the films. There’s now no need to use toxic chemicals to develop the films and we can do everything digitally.

  1. Digital Invoices, Receipts and forms

We are moving everything digitally nowadays. This means no waste on paper, scanning, and postage.

  1. LED light bulbs

It’s amazing how much energy you can save by simply swapping inefficient old halogen light bulbs. This is a simple measure everyone should make!

If you’re looking for a green dentist look no further and pay us a visit.
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