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What Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Tongue?

What happens when you don’t brush your tongue?

Halitosis Cleaning your tongue should be part of your usual home oral hygiene regimen, along with flossing, brushing, and mouthwash. When you fail to brush your tongue, you end up accumulating lots and lots of bacteria as the grooves and pits in your tongue are the perfect place for bacteria to live and breed. The more bacteria you have in your mouth, the more you will suffer from bad breath. Poor Taste Having an accumulation of bacteria, food, and dead skin can cause blockages in the taste bud cells leading to a reduced quality of taste. It’s important that you … Continue reading

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Tooth Decay Causes Sutton

Three reasons why the new sugar tax will not bring a reduction in the decay rate

The new sugar tax will take effect from April 2018, but will it directly affect decay rates? Not likely! Tooth decay is caused by the frequency of sugar consumption and not the amount. Every time you have something sugary to eat or drink (no matter how much sugar is in it), you are feeding the millions of bacteria that live inside your mouth. These bacteria produce acids as a by-product, which causes decay in your teeth. This decaying attack usually lasts 30 minutes – which is the time it normally takes for your saliva to wash away and neutralize the … Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Having A Laboratory On Site At A Dental Practice

The benefits of having a laboratory on site at a dental practice.

At The Denture & Implant Clinic, we believe that working closely with the laboratory technician is essential to achieving the best results. The laboratory technician is the member of the dental team that physically makes dentures, crowns, and bridges. It’s still largely done by hand, but computers and scanners are now making the process quicker and more accurate. The usual process of making a denture, crown, or bridge involves the dentist taking a mould or impression of your teeth and then sending it off to the technician to make. The laboratory technician has no idea what you look like and … Continue reading

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Tooth Restoration From A Dentist In The Sm5 3nw Area

The importance of tooth restoration from a dentist in the SM5 3NW area

On average, you can expect to get about 32 teeth by the time you get all of your permanent teeth. Most people end up with 28 teeth after the removal of the third molars, known as wisdom teeth. All 28 of the remaining teeth play a vital role in your life. Our mouth and jaw are specifically designed to work together to perform a number of functions, the most important being the ability to chew properly. If you are missing even one tooth, it can disrupt this ability. Perhaps you’ll end up placing more stress on other teeth with difficult … Continue reading

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