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Commonly Asked Questions At The Dentist

Commonly asked questions at the dentist

1. What’s the best toothpaste to use? Generally speaking, most toothpastes do the same thing. You want a foamy substance that applies fluoride to the teeth. The main benefits of tooth brushing are mechanical removal of plaque and application of fluoride to the teeth. The big differences are sensitive-teeth toothpastes, which all work in slightly different ways and Colgate Total which is scientifically proven to be better at plaque control that other toothpastes. In fact, they have a patent, as it contains a special ingredient that helps keep plaque away. 2. What’s the best mouthwash to use? Most mouthwashes work … Continue reading

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Why Oral Hygiene Is So Important

Why oral hygiene is so important

At The Denture & Implant Clinic, we believe that it’s important to provide our patients with valuable information to improve their overall oral health. During every appointment, we make sure that we are available to discuss any dental health needs, answer questions, and make recommendations whenever needed. Proper dental hygiene is essential to oral health and overall wellness. Feel free to give The Denture & Implant Clinic a call to learn more about our services and book an appointment. Why is it important to focus on oral hygiene to improve wellness? The health of the mouth and overall wellness are … Continue reading

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Free dental consultation

Free Consultations at The Denture & Implant Clinic

We understand that it is hard trying to decide which dentist to go to for your dental care needs – after all, how do you know if they are good? Sometimes all you want is a to get a bit of information, meet the team, learn how much it will cost, and make sure the clinic is right for you. That’s why we have tailor-made a free consultation service just for these sorts of enquiries. What we cover at your free consultation A free consultation is perfect if you want to answer a few questions, and makes it so you … Continue reading

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Tooth encircled with a green ring circle as a protection, isolated over the white background

Green Dentists

At the practice of Dr. Suril Amin in Sutton, patients in search of an eco-friendly dental practice in the community need to work with a team that offers “green dentistry.” Our practice understands the needs of the future, and our team works hard to ensure we follow steps to maintain our planet earth and protect it for future generations. There is overwhelming evidence to show that anthropologic changes are causing a negative effect on our planet. It is clear to see that our planet is changing for the worse – global warming, extinction of species, and plastics in our oceans … Continue reading

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