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The Real Damage Flexi-Dentures Are Doing To Your Teeth

The Real Damage Flexi-Dentures are doing to your teeth

We get so many people coming to see us enquiring about Flexi-dentures. They have had them in the past or their dentist has recommended them, but are the patients aware of the damage that they can be doing to their teeth? As a dentist treating friends and neighbors, I feel a responsibility to disclose these problems. This article will explain the issues with Flexi-dentures and map out the reasons we don’t recommend them to our patients. Problems with Flexi-dentures you may know(or might not be aware of)   1. They put a lot of non-favourable pressure on your existing teeth, … Continue reading

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Reasons for Severe Pain

Reasons for severe pain following tooth extraction.

The dentist explains, if you are experiencing severe pain following a tooth extraction, it is most likely alveolar osteitis, which is also commonly referred to as dry socket. It can be agonizing, leaving you reaching for painkillers. What is dry socket? Dry socket is inflammation of the bone surrounding the area of the tooth socket and it happens when the blood clot fails to form or the blood clot is lost. Once the blood clot is lost, the bone becomes exposed and often dies off (necrosis) What can cause dry socket? The risk of dry socket can be increased by … Continue reading

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Latest Technology At Our Practice

Latest Technology at our practice

Gadgets at our practice At our practice, The Denture & Implant Clinic, we believe in providing the very best dental care to our patients and that’s why we continually invest in the latest technology, including lasers, so that you get the very best treatment possible. 1. Loupes All our dentists wear high-powered magnification lenses so that we can see in great detail the quality of our work. The detail you can see is unbelievable, and it really is a game-changer. If you’re looking for high quality work – you really need to see a dentist who has loupes. They look … Continue reading

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What Is The Difference Between A Good Hygienist And A Bad One.?

What is the difference between a good hygienist and a bad one?

I have worked with many hygienists in my career and it’s easy to spot the difference between a good hygienist and a bad one and selecting the right dental hygienist is never an easy task. I have always wanted the very best for my patients,so I’ve always simply refused to refer patients to incompetent hygienists when I’ve had to work with them as I strongly believed that my patients were better off being treated by myself instead. I have been working with Natasha for a long time now and I can see the fantastic results my patients are achieving and … Continue reading

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