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FAQ about full arch implant bridges explained by Sutton, Surrey dentist

Full Arch Implant Bridges FAQ in Sutton, Surrey area

Full arch implant bridges are a stable, long-lasting way to replace a full arch of missing teeth. Patients learning about their tooth replacement options often have many questions about this effective method for restoring teeth. Below, Dr. Suril Amin, dentist at The Denture & Implant Clinic in Sutton, Surrey, answers FAQs about full arch implant bridges.

How Long Does the Treatment Take From Start to Finish?

Treatment normally takes seven to eight months for the full arch implant bridge upper and four to five months for the lowers. We can reduce these times in specific circumstances.

There are many different protocols and the right one will depend on several factors, such as your lifestyle, but mostly your quality and quantity of bone.

What About Teeth in a Day?

Yes, we do many of these procedures. The teeth in a day concept involves placing all your implants (and extracting your teeth if needed) and then attaching a fixed temporary bridge onto the implants in the same day. This means you get to leave the office with secured teeth after one visit.

The temporary bridge is normally replaced after six months with a final bridge. This allows for changes in your gums to occur for proper fit of the final restoration.

There is also a technique where we can take out all your teeth and place implants on one day. Then, we fit the final permanent bridge the following day. This is a unique concept where our German technicians have a patent. They fly into town especially for you and create a stunning end result. Other clinics who offer this service will often give you a cheaper acrylic bridge, whereas we only really use this for temporary bridges. The concept we use is unique in the UK.

Check out our Facebook page to see full arch fixed bridges we have recently made.

What are the costs?

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Costs can range from £11k to £15k depending on what material you have the final bridge made from.

What are the different materials you can use and what’s the difference?

There is generally no best material to use and they all have their pros and cons:

  1. Acyclic – This is the same material that dentures are made from

  • Strength Rating – 100MPA
  • Advantages – Cheap, easy/quick to repair, easy to adjust if needed, looks great
  • Disadvantages – You will see wear/staining after 5 years, and he strength is not as high so you can see fractures

  1. Composite – This is the same material white fillings are made from, but it’s a bit stronger

    • Strength Rating – 200MPA
    • Advantages – Very easy to repair and adjust if needed, feels/sounds the same when biting and eating (with porcelain you sometimes get a clicking noise), looks great
    • Disadvantages – Can stain/chip after 7 years or so

  1. Porcelain – This is the traditional material we use to make crowns and bridges

    • Strength Rating – 200MPA
    • Advantages – It’s long lasting – you can expect 10-15 years or more
    • Disadvantages – Generally looks good but can sometimes look a bit opaque and dull, teeth can have a slight clicking noise sometimes when eating, hard to repair – needs to be sent back to the lab if a big chip occurs

  1. Zirconia – This is like a white metal that looks better than porcelain

  • Strength Rating – 1200MPA
  • Advantages – Very long lasting, is very strong
  • Disadvantages – Difficult to adjust because it’s so hard, expensive, can make a slight clicking noise when eating, difficult to repair

  1. Zirconia with individual crowns

    • Strength Rating 1200MPA
    • This is similar to option 4; however, it’s a lot easier to repair

What if I don’t have enough bone?

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 Our highly skilled implant surgeons can add bone easily, so this is not something you should worry about.

There are many different types of bone. Click here for our blog that explains the different types and how it can be added.

Will they look fake?

No, we pride ourselves on achieving supreme aesthetics and spend time to make the bridges look natural.

What are the pros and cons of fixed arch implant bridges?

A full arch implant supported bridge is the best option, as you can eat whatever you want, you don’t ever have to remove the teeth, and they look/feel like a natural healthy set of teeth would.

So, fixed bridges are a great option; however, they do have some disadvantages. Because of the amount of work needed and the fact that only highly skilled dentists can do it, they are generally the most expensive option. However, it is the best option money can buy, and patients who want the best outcome will choose it. The only other drawback is that if you have more implants, it means that you have more to clean. We also recommend you see the hygienist more often to maintain the implants.

Schedule a consultation

If you are interested in learning more about full arch implant bridges for a natural look, Dr. Suril Amin at The Denture & Implant Clinic are here to help! Call us at 020 8629 1226 to schedule an appointment at our office in Sutton, Surrey.

Why Should I come to The Denture & Implant Clinic for Teeth in a Day?

Why Should I come to The Denture & Implant Clinic for Teeth in a Day in Sutton area

We love keeping up to date with the latest techniques and that’s why we invest a lot of time and money going to education conferences to see what all the top dentists are doing. From these seminars, we don’t just pick up new ideas but we compare the work we do to others and we have found that many clinic’s charge hefty fee’s for cheaper materials. When you ask them why don’t they just provide the best they always say “it’s too expensive” and they can’t afford to do it. I was shocked by this as our standard go to choice was the most expensive and best material – ie Individual Zirconia Crowns on a framework. That why our bridges last the longest, look the best and rarely get issues. It’s shocking to see that a lot of dentists charge the same price as us and provide a much cheaper material that will show wear and tear after a few years. So how do we provide them for so cheap?

Well, firstly as we do a lot of them we can negotiate better rates from all our suppliers.

Secondly, we have a dental laboratory on site. As we provide the workspace, for pretty much nothing, the company has favoured us special rates which allows us to transfer this to our patients. So for the same amount of money that you pay someone else, you get an outcome that will last longer. It’s a no brainer right?

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