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Partial Dentures from Sutton Dentist

Purley patient asks, “What are dental implants?”

Tooth loss is a common but stressful condition. When an individual experiences the loss of his or her teeth, there can be significant health consequences. Lack of confidence or self-esteem certainly affects emotional health and wellness, however, impaired oral function may also result in poor nutrition, and changes to a person’s bite may further cause headaches or joint discomfort. Without the tooth root to provide stimulation, the jawbone in that area can cease regeneration and begin to resorb.   If the bone density diminishes, eventually a patient’s cheeks and face may appear to sink in, followed by decreased facial support, … Continue reading

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Implant Dentist from Surrey

Sutton patients should consider three key factors when seeking an implant dentist

Tooth loss can have a profound impact on a patient’s emotional and physical health. For patients who may be considering advanced treatment with dental implants, several factors should be considered, such as: What are the qualifications and experience of the dental team? Does the practice offer a comprehensive array of treatment options? What do patients have to say about their care? At The Denture and Implant Clinic, serving patients from Surrey, Purley, Sutton, and nearby communities, our dental team includes several respected and talented doctors. including Dr. Justin Stewart, our founding dentist and medical director, Dr. Johann Styger, a Fellow … Continue reading

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Dental Implant Procedure From Sutton Dentist

Sutton patient asks, “What can I expect with dental implant treatment?”

At The Denture and Implant Clinic, our professional team understands that considering dental surgery, such as dental implant placement, can be a daunting experience. Our experienced and respected team of doctors and clinicians at our Surrey office include Dr. Suril Amin, Dr. Justin Stewart, our founder and medical director, and Dr. Johann Styger. Each of our doctors have received advanced training and acknowledgements in the specialized area of dental implant surgery. Patients from Surrey, Sutton, Purley, and around the country seek treatment from our esteemed team.   The Denture and Implant Clinic holds membership in the British Dental Academy and … Continue reading

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Denture Procedures From Carshalton Beeches, Surrey Area Dentist

Denture services available in the Carshalton Beeches, Surrey area

At The Dental Implant Clinic in Carshalton Beeches, Surrey, many area patients are often excited to learn about the wide range of denture services available in our state-of-the-art facility. Our team of professionals has over a decade of combined experience providing men and women with revolutionary new techniques applied to enhancing the appearance and function of the smile. Whether patients decide to have dental implants placed to replace their teeth or dentures, we provide everything patients desire under one roof.   Our team of professionals work closely with patients to determine which denture services are most appropriate. Our dentist has … Continue reading

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