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Comfortable complete dentures with external impression technique

External impression technique for complete dentures

A complete denture consists of a plastic base coloured to look like gum tissue, which supports a full set of artificial teeth. Typically, a complete denture is held in place by a seal of natural suction with the gums. Dentures may be further stabilised with dental implants. In either case, comfortable fit is vital to quality of life for the denture wearer, and that fit starts with good impressions (or moulds) of the mouth. The team at The Denture Clinic utilizes an advanced external impression technique to ensure that patients get the best fitting dentures possible.

Traditional methods simply involve a cast of the mouth used to create the interior of the denture – where it sits on the gums. The Denture Clinic takes that process three steps further:

  1. We take impressions of all mouth areas that will come into contact with the appliance and of the exterior of the denture itself. That allows us to create a denture that is quite compatible with peripheral borders, gums, cheeks, and tongue for a superior fit.
  2. In addition to the exterior impression technique, we utilise an articulator in designing the denture. This allows us to analyse the jaw’s unique movements up and down, side to side, and sliding forward.
  3. Correct centric balance of the upper jaw to the lower is vital in designing a denture that fits comfortably and functions well. We use a Coble intraoral balancing device to establish this precise relationship.

Our patients report that their new teeth are quite secure, usually with no denture adhesive required. That stability reduces risk of sore spots and allows patients to chew, speak, and laugh naturally.

Properly crafted dentures also have an amazing impact on facial aesthetics. They balance the proportions of the face, and help to fill out cheeks and lips, avoiding the caved in appearance that sometimes results from lesser-quality dentures. Since patients have a great deal of input into the shading, shape, size, and alignment of the teeth in the denture, they are generally delighted with the outcome.

Once the denture is created, the patient receives detailed instructions on hygiene for the mouth and denture. While our meticulous methods produce great-fitting dentures, patients are assured of fit adjustments if they should become necessary over time.

Contact The Denture Clinic at 020 8629 1226 to learn more about advanced techniques for great fitting dentures.

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