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Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures at The Denture & Implant Clinic

We are proud to announce that we are now in a position to provide digital dentures to our suitable patients. There are many benefits of digital dentures, the main ones being:

1. Superb fit

The fit of digital dentures is unrivaled compared to normal dentures made from conventional impression taking. This is because of possibly accumulation of errors during the denture making process. For instant, the impression materials will shrink by a small amount (usually 2%) and then when the denture technician pours up the impression to make a model, the plaster will shrink by a small amount. Then, when the denture is processed, the acrylic will usually shrink by about 5 %. If you add all these errors up they can accumulate, even thought every stage has been done to perfection.

With digital dentures, the process is completely different and the results are outstanding. The way it works is that you scan the mouth which is extremely accurate. The dentures are actually designed on a computer which means that you don’t have to go for standardized tooth shapes and sizes, you can actually alter these as much as you like to match neighborhood teeth or individual styles. Once designed, a machine will have a block of acrylic and it will mill out the denture. This is basically when a machine drills out and carved a denture from a big block of acrylic, which means there is no shrinkage/deformation which normally occurs as traditional dentures are processed.

2. It superb strong

The block that is used has been formed using special engineering techniques which processes the acrylic at a very high temperature and under large amounts of pressure. this means that its very very strong. Traditional dentures cannot be produced like this as laboratory technicians are unable to use these techniques.

Digital dentures, the results are outstanding

3. The teeth don’t debond

As the block of acrylic is one single unit, there is no way the teeth will debond. Usually, teeth are bonded onto the denture base, which means that you are relying on the bond strength to hold them on. With digital dentures, they are made from a single block.

4. Quicker finished results

As we can skip out a lot of the traditional stages, the dentures can we designed much much quicker. There are some times when we can actually go straight to fit after taking impressions which means that the normal 4 week interval has turned into a 2 week interval.

5. Better cosmetics

Denture frameworks can now be made out of extremely strong polymers that can compete with traditional chrome frameworks which means that you no longer need ugly metal in your mouth.

So to summarize, digital dentures can get you better fitting dentures that are quicker to make and that are stronger. If you want us to see what we can do for you come in for a comprehensive examination or an informal chat and we would be happy to help.


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