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partial dentures from croydon dentist

When Croydon area patients should consider partial dentures

When patients in the Croydon area visit the dental team of The Denture and Implant Clinic to learn about tooth restoration solutions, they may be asked to consider the benefits of partial dentures. Partial dentures can be used for the replacement of one or more teeth within the dental arch and do so¬†quickly and easily. What are partial dentures? Partial dentures include an acrylic and metal framework that snaps into place within the dental arch. The dentures include false teeth that slide into place where needed to provide a restored, beautiful smile. Not only can they¬†restore the appearance of the … Continue reading

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Partial Dentures from Wallington Dentist

Wallington area dentist describes partial dentures

When one or more teeth are missing or extracted from the dental arch, it is important that patients seek restorative solutions such as dentures to repair the function and beauty of their smile. Missing teeth can negatively impact one’s ability to eat, speak, and smile, so speaking with the team of The Denture Clinic in the Wallington area is the best way to get started in learning more about dentures.   We provide a wide range of restorations including partial dentures. Partial dentures are known for use in repairing the smile after one or several teeth have been affected. These … Continue reading

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Partial Dentures With Equipoise System from Wallington Dentist

Can Wallington area patients use partial dentures for chipped teeth?

Patients in the Wallington area and surrounding areas with chipped teeth may want to speak to a cosmetic dentist about ways to restore them. Typically, this occurs due to trauma or impact to the natural tooth which results in breakage. Patients are educated on the various methods of restoring their teeth. This may include the placement of dental bonding or porcelain veneers. Dental bonding is a material applied to the teeth, hardened, and polished to reshape the teeth. Veneers, are porcelain shells bonded to the front of the teeth to disguise the imperfection.   However, in some instances, the breakage … Continue reading

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How to care for partial dentures

Patients at and around Sutton ask how to care for partial dentures

A partial denture is made with a plastic base or metal framework which supports one or more teeth in the same arch (upper or lower). It is carefully crafted with clasps and rests that hold it in place with the support of surrounding natural teeth. In some cases a partial denture is a temporary tooth replacement solution, while the doctor and patient determine if a fixed dental bridge or dental implants might be better in the long-term. Some patients, though, are not good candidates for those options or simply prefer a removable partial. The Denture Clinic team prides themselves on … Continue reading

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