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Dentist at Wallington offers dentures in a day for immediate needs

Immediate Denture Care From Wallington Dentist

When patients at Wallington are seeking repair of their smiles in a fast and effective manner, they often turn to the team of The Denture Clinic. We are here to welcome patients who are ready to restore their smile quickly and efficiently with a treatment known as “dentures in a day,” dentures made within 24 hours for immediate needs.

At The Denture Clinic, we understand the importance of a fully functional smile. We know that patients who need new dentures don’t want to wait weeks at a time for their new “smile” to arrive. This is why we provide “dentures in a day” as a way to get patients back to smiling beautifully within 24 hours. Our team has an in-office dental team that can fabricate dentures for individuals who need them immediately and not keep patients waiting for days or weeks.

We have several different types of “dentures in a day” available, including our high impact acrylic dentures and our chrome/metal frame dentures. Both are made quickly and easily through our clinic and allow patients to quickly rejuvenate their smiles and get on with their lives. Acrylic dentures can take one day while the metal frame dentures may take an extra day for developing the framework. Either way, patients can enjoy fast, effective dentures in much less time than any other denture clinic in the area.

We are committed to assisting patients, even those who travel from all over the United Kingdom to visit our facility and enjoy quality restorations such as partial dentures, dentures in a day, and dental implants, all available through our state-of-the-art dental clinic. Contact The Denture Clinic today to book a consultation visit and examination and learn more about obtaining “dentures in a day” through our practice located convenient the Wallington area. We welcome new patients into our office!

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