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How Long Does It Take For A Dental Implant To Heal?

How long does it take for a dental implant to heal?

How long does it take for dental implants to heal? Do you wonder how long does it take for dental implants to heal? Once an implant is placed, it normally takes around three to six months for the bone to fully fuse to it. If you have certain medical conditions, it can sometimes take a little longer. What about teeth in a day? If you have a lot of bone and the bone quality is good, we can sometimes place an implant and then attach a temporary tooth onto the implant on the same day. This is called immediate loading. … Continue reading

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Dental Mini Implants Surrey, Dentist patient smiling with a plastic denture,

Mini–Dental Implants

Mini-dental implants (MDI’s) are very similar to normal implants, but they are much smaller. This means that we can get the same benefit of normal dental implants but without all the fuss. They are mostly used to stabilize loose dentures, particularly for the bottom arch. How much smaller are Mini-Dental Implants? Mini-Dental Implants are around 2.9mm’s in diameter or less. Normal dental implants range from 3.5mm to 6mm normally. What are the advantages of Mini Dental Implants? Quick / Easy to place – Compared to normal dental implants, minis are a lot quicker and easier to place and can sometimes … Continue reading

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Dental Implants Are The Solutions For All Types Of Missing Teeth Problems

Dental implants are the solutions for all types of missing teeth problems

7 Reasons to get dental implants: Many people who are missing teeth experience many problems and are often embarrassed to go out to eat with their friends. There are many different reasons that our patients choose dental implants and here are some of the top reasons why: 1. Permanent fixed teeth Implants are fixed into your mouth, which means that you don’t have to remove them like dentures. Unlike dentures, they are fixed and don’t move around. 2. Best success rates If you look at all the different types of treatments available in dentistry, implants always top the list for … Continue reading

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How To Find A Good Implant Dentist

How to find a good implant dentist

There are so many dentists doing implants now – how do you choose a good implant dentist? 1. Experience is the key A good implant dentist should be placing over 50 implants a year for a number of years. To achieve excellence, an implant dentist would have placed over 500 implants. Our Implantologist, Dr. Johann Styger has been placing over 200 implants a year for the last 10 years, so he is extremely experienced. 2. Referrals from other dentists A excellent implant dentist with a good reputation will often accept referrals from other dentists. If a dentist is willing to … Continue reading

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