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Why Are Our Implant Surgeons So Good? What Sets Us Apart?

Why Are Our Implant Surgeons So Good? What Sets Us Apart?

When you make the decision to get dental implants, you need to be sure that the clinic you go to is the right one for you. As you have probably seen, there are many dentists promising that their dental implants are the best. Here’s why you should seriously considering come to us – the dental implant experts. Why choose us? I will explain the reasons.

1. Trained at top universities

There are many dentists who have literally gone on weekend courses and started to place dental implants. These are the guys you must avoid, as they are the ones who think they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to do safe, good quality work – when the oppose is true. Picking an inexperienced implant surgeon can have dangerous consequences.

Our implant surgeons have not only been trained at top universities, they have taught other dentists there as well. This means you will get the most highly skilled and knowledgeable surgeon treating you, not some rookie straight out of dental school.

Dr Ackerman has worked as a maxilla-facial surgeon for decades. These highly experienced surgeons do reconstructive surgery on the whole face following trauma or disease and not only treat teeth, but the whole head and neck. Placing implants for Dr Ackerman is probably one of the easier treatment to perform in comparison to the complex work he has carried out in the past. It is rare to find such an experienced surgeon who places implants in a implant clinic – these surgeons normally work in hospitals. Dr Ackerman is a registered specialist dental surgeon. If you want to be treated by the best Dr Ackerman is the person to go to!

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Our other Implantologist Dr Styger has been placing implant for decades and is one the top surgeons. He performs complex treatment which includes sinus lifts, ridge splits and zygomatic implants. He has been working for The Denture & Implant Clinic for 10 years and is well know in Sutton for giving patients a pain-free experience. We always ask our patient, “How did you feel the next day?” and most of them would say it was virtually pain-free.

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2. Experience

All our implantologists are highly experienced. They have been placing implants since the early 90s, which means that they have seen it all before. Any problems that may arise through treatment can be dealt with in the appropriate way, and you will not need to be referred to any senior colleagues.

3. Other dentists refer to us

It is a great compliment when we get referrals from other dentists as it really shows that we are trusted and well respected in the dental community. Think about it for a second – if you were a dentist, you would never send your patient to someone you thought was not great. Right?

4. Gentle and caring

Our dentists are expertly trained at helping dental phobic patients. Many patients have come to us, extremely phobic, yet when they finish treatment they become part of our family and look forward to coming back for exams. We understand that it can be nerve-wracking coming to see us. That is why we promise to treat you in a kind and caring way.

5. Technology

We continuously invest in the latest technology at our practice so that you can have the very best care.

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