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Options For Missing Teeth

Options for missing teeth

Consequences of missing teeth When you lose a tooth, there are many consequences that could happen that you are completely unaware of, and these could affect your mouth big time. You lose bone As soon as teeth are taken out, your bone begins to shrink, and overtime, this will lead to a sunken in appearance of your face, leading to you looking older than you actually are. What’s more, is that the more bone you lose, the more difficult implants will be to place, and the less efficient dentures will be. For implants, you can always add more bone, however, … Continue reading

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Common Mistakes You May Be Making That Are Really Damaging Your Teeth

Common mistakes you may be making that are really damaging your teeth

The more I speak to patients, the more I realise they are doing certain things wrong that has a negative effect on their oral health. I will go through some tips that I would recommend in order for you to keep your teeth longer. 1. Using your teeth for open bottles or crush ice Apart from the obvious normal uses of teeth (e.g. eating and smiling) many patients use their pearly whites for all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Some include using their teeth to open bottles top on beer bottles, crush ice, bite their nails, and chew on … Continue reading

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4 Ways To Improve Your Smile

4 ways to improve your smile

If you are wondering how to improve your smile, visit The Denture & Implant Clinic. The talented dental team offers many services to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Four examples are given below: 1. Braces If your teeth are in good shape, but misaligned, the best way to improve your smile is by having them straightened. After the tooth straightening you can always do minimal veneers and bonding to improve on the little imperfections if desired. There are three main ways to straighten your teeth: Traditional Discreet Braces – These are like the traditional train track braces but instead … Continue reading

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Are Your Missing Teeth Causing You Misery?

Are your missing teeth causing you misery?

We see thousands of patients a year suffering from loose dentures and missing teeth. Some of the problems they find are: They lack confidence in social/professional situations They avoid going out to eat with friends and family They can’t eat what they want Eating is often uncomfortable Ill-fitting dentures cause pain Many patients often tell us that they have even been experiencing these issues for a lifetime and what they find after having treatment is that their lives are transformed. They suddenly become more outgoing, happy, and enjoy a much better quality of life. The most common thing patients say … Continue reading

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