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Using complete dentures to suit your needs

Complete dentures to suit your needs

Do you need to repair your smile after tooth loss? Have you decided that dentures are right for you but scared that they will not fit properly and function at their best? This is a common concern of many patients who make the decision to use dentures to replace their missing teeth. Full and partial dentures are economical solutions for individuals ready to repair their smiles, and at The Dental Implant Clinic, we encourage patients to understand that our complete dentures are made to suit your needs.

The complete dentures from The Dental Implant Clinic are made with specific impressions that ensure better fit and function. They are made with a consecutive series of impression called “external impressions” which include impressions of the cheeks, tongue, and the lips to ensure the new dentures fit comfortably. Complete dentures made in our practice feel like one’s natural smile and many patients forget that they’re dealing with false teeth!

Complete dentures at The Dental Implant Clinic are also made to help maintain the structure of the face to help avoid that “sunken in” appearance often caused by wearing of dentures. These dentures help in allowing patients to look younger thanks to the support of the muscles.

Complete dentures are also made of high quality acrylics and a Coble Balancer, which makes adjustments fast and easy. This Coble Balancer also allows the dentist to fine-tune these adjustments and make them much more precise for better fit. This method of adjustment allows patients the chance to have their dentures last much longer than the traditional dentures, as these often have to be entirely remade to achieve the best fit and function over the course of time as the smile’s structure changes.

If you have considered the advantages of complete dentures to suit your needs, contact the dedicated team of professionals at The Dental Implant Clinic. We welcome patients in the area to learn more about these dentures and how they can dramatically change the function and beauty of the smile and face.

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