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Benefit of In House CT Scanner in Sutton, Surrey area

Benefits of having an in-house CT scanner at your dental office in Sutton, Surrey

If you want to be treated by the right dental practice, finding one that has an in-house CT scan machine is essential. At The Denture & Implant Clinic in Sutton, Surrey, Dr. Suril Amin uses an in-house CT scanner for a wide variety of purposes. A CT scanner is an advanced x-ray machine, which takes thousands of very small images and pieces them together to form one 3-dimensional image. This image is incredibly accurate and has many advantages of normal 2-dimentional x-rays. These benefits include: 1. Having detailed information on where nerves are There are a few areas in the … Continue reading

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Partial Dentures from Sutton Dentist

Purley patient asks, “What are dental implants?”

Tooth loss is a common but stressful condition. When an individual experiences the loss of his or her teeth, there can be significant health consequences. Lack of confidence or self-esteem certainly affects emotional health and wellness, however, impaired oral function may also result in poor nutrition, and changes to a person’s bite may further cause headaches or joint discomfort. Without the tooth root to provide stimulation, the jawbone in that area can cease regeneration and begin to resorb. If the bone density diminishes, eventually a patient’s cheeks and face may appear to sink in, followed by decreased facial support, loss … Continue reading

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Best Restorative Dental care from Dr. Justin Stewart

Why should patients in the SM5 3NW area choose Dr. Justin Stewart as their dentist?

Patients in the area of SM5 3NW who are faced with replacing missing teeth are often concerned about restorations such as dentures. Dentures come in two varieties including partial and full dentures. Both are readily available at The Dental Implant Clinic and can be used for patients who have insufficient bone for dental implants or who want a removable restoration versus permanent such as dental bridges. When patients come to our practice, they often speak with a dentist who has the experience to determine what is most appropriate for one’s needs. Oftentimes, it is dentures. Dentures available at our practice … Continue reading

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