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The real damage bad-fitting dentures are doing to you

The Real Damage Bad-Fitting Dentures Are Doing To You

At The Denture & Implant Clinic, we see a lot of new clients come in for a free consultation, who have extremely poor-fitting / poorly made dentures and are hoping we can help. They also often have no idea that their dentures are causing so many problems with their mouth until we explain what’s going on. There are many problems with badly fitting dentures, so let talk about the most common issues.

So, the first is that poorly fitting dentures will often have a small gap between the gingivae and the dentures (gums), which leads to food being trapped between the two. This causes the gums to overgrow and reddening of the gums, which subsequently leads to pocket formations and gum disease. This is very common in people with ill-fitting dentures. What’s more, is that dentures, especially poorly designed plastic dentures, will invariably lead to plaque accumulation on the denture itself, even despite very thorough cleaning. This plaque will cause gum disease as well. Dentures should ideally be very closely fitting, or there should be a 3mm gap that keeps the gums free and this make the area more hygienic. Unfortunately, most dentures are not designed this way. If you have your own natural teeth – well-designed chrome dentures are generally the best, however as these are more expensive to make and more skill is required, patients often ending up getting poorly designed acrylic dentures, which leads to gum disease, and this ultimately leads to tooth loss if left untreated.

Another common issue with poorly fitting dentures is fungal infections. Poorly fitting dentures can harbor fungi and if this is combined with trauma from the denture rubbing, it is likely to cause a condition known as ‘denture stomatitis.’

Unfortunately, uneven, badly fitting dentures can cause trauma to the underlying bone which can lead to bone shrinkage. The more the bone shrinks, the worse dentures become (even if new ones are made). If left for a long time, there can be substantial shrinkage, which leads to a very poor outcome even if new dentures are made. This can also make it difficult to place implants due to the lack of bone, meaning extra procedures are needed to build it up before placement.

Bad fitting dentures can also cause jaw joint issues, which can lead to pain and unnecessary wear of the TMJ.


People with poorly fitting dentures are also likely to suffer from a reduced quality of life and possibly reduced self- confidence. This is because they are sometimes unable to eat in public, so their social life deteriorates, they are embarrassed to talk and smile, and they have difficulty eating and chewing.

All these problems can be improved by either a new better-fitting dentures or implants. So, if you are experiencing any issues, don’t leave it too late! Get in contact with us, as we can certainly help. Common problems with ill-fitting dentures:

  • Dentures move when you talk, smile, and eat
  • Cannot eat certain foods
  • Sores in the mouth, and it hurts to eat
  • Teeth may be getting loose
  • Breath smells
  • Bad taste in the mouth

It’s pretty tough getting used to a plastic plate in your mouth. There will always be a learning curve in getting used to anything new in your mouth, but let us help you by making things a little easier. Call us on 020 8404 1456 so we can make you eat and smile in comfort.


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