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Are chrome cobalt dentures safe?


Some patients are concerned about the metal in cobalt chrome dentures and wonder whether it is safe to use.

The good news is that chrome cobalt is a completely medically approved, light alloy metal. The only potential issue would be to anyone that is allergic to specific metals, but this is extremely rare. Assuming you do not possess this particular allergy then they are totally safe. Not only are they safe, but they are also the strongest and most durable denture option that does not risk irritation to gums or the mouth like poorly designed acrylic dentures do.

Furthermore, despite chrome cobalt dentures being made from metal, they are highly discreet and completely unnoticeable when using them. This is due to the chrome cobalt structure being light, compact, and easily concealed when utilised. Additionally, in some scenarios you can have the metal components hidden by a plastic gum and teeth. Additionally, a chrome cobalt denture allows the palate and clasps to be cast together, which increases the strength and durability of the entire structure.

Are chrome cobalt dentures suitable for me?

When contemplating chrome cobalt dentures, you must consider your current oral situation and the number of teeth you possess. If you have no teeth at all then a chrome cobalt denture may not be suitable, as this type of denture requires natural teeth for support. Subsequently, it may be more advisable to go for acrylic dentures, as these do not require natural teeth for support. Chrome cobalt dentures are only really a viable option if you need a partial denture and possess the necessary natural teeth. The only other exception to this is if you have a chrome palate in an upper complete denture.

Assuming you have the necessary natural teeth and require a partial denture then a chrome cobalt denture is perhaps the best option. It has several advantages over the traditional acrylic denture, including being lighter, stronger & more durable. This leads to the dentures being more comfortable and overall, much more subtle when worn, thus giving the wearer more confidence to eat or speak in public. This type of denture can also be formed more precisely to ensure an accurate, secure fit within the mouth, allowing them to outlast traditional acrylic dentures.

Your available budget will also have impact on their suitability to you. Although there is an argument to be made that their high quality is worth the increased expenditure, you should also consider your long-term future, as a chrome cobalt denture can be harder to make further adjustments to. If your mouth significantly changes in the future, or your have teeth extracted, your current dentures may need to be fully replaced.

Moreover, the cleaning process for chrome cobalt dentures is slightly different compared to acrylic dentures and the instructions given to you should be followed at all times. This includes ensuring that chrome cobalt dentures are not left in denture cleaner overnight, and no denture related products are used before thoroughly reading the instructions. This is because many denture-related products are made for other materials such as traditional acrylic dentures and may not be suitable for chrome cobalt dentures.

There you have it. Providing you do not suffer from any allergies to metal, chrome cobalt is completely safe for your dentures. If you are in need of denture treatment please do not hesitate to give The Denture & Implant Clinic team a call to discuss. 020 8404 1456.