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Are dental implants painful?


One of the most common questions we get asked is “are dental implants painful?”.  During the procedure you will feel only pressure, not pain because you will be numbed up with local anaesthetic or in some cases, sedated.  Following the procedure, you may feel some discomfort for a short time while your mouth heals depending on how extensive the treatment is. 

A lot of people are anxious about having implants. Let us guide you through the two main stages of the implant procedure so you know what to expect during and after treatment. The first stage is the surgical element where the actual implant is placed. The second phase is the healing period and what to expect after the surgery.

Stage one

For the surgical procedure you will of course be numbed up with local anaesthetic, in the same way as if you were having a filling or tooth extraction. The dentist will make sure you are completely numb and feel only pressure not pain, before continuing with any treatment. If you are particularly anxious about having the implant(s), there is always the option of having dental sedation. It is very effective and safe.

The area where the implant is being placed will be prepared and the implant is placed slowly into the jaw. Stiches are sometimes needed to close the area where the implant is placed. The numbness will stay for 2-3 hours after the procedure and you usually will have been given painkillers prior to the treatment starting which will be having an effect by the end. We also recommend gently placing an ice pack straight after surgery to minimise the swelling.

Stage two

The second stage refers to the period after the implant placement. You can expect some soreness after the procedure which is dependent on how extensive the treatment is. However, soreness is easily managed with painkillers which will be provided by the practice, along with aftercare instructions (which are essential to follow). Usually, over the counter painkillers are sufficient to resolve any discomfort you may have.

We always book a two week follow up appointment after the implant is placed, as we like to give you the opportunity to give us feedback on your experience and it gives us the opportunity to check the implant site.

Most commonly people say how surprised they were at how pain free and straight forward the implant procedure is and how easy it was to control any discomfort after the surgery. Common issues that can occur after the surgery are some bleeding, swelling and bruising, but if PRGF is used, this always helps to reduce these symptoms.

What is PRGF I hear you say?

It’s an innovative technology that uses the plasma from your own blood, it naturally aids tissue healing, regeneration and helps to reduce swelling and discomfort after implant surgery.

Prior to PRGF treatment, the patient will undergo a small blood draw in our office. The blood is placed into a centrifuge where the growth factors are separated from the rest of the blood. The entire process can be completed in under an hour. Once the growth factors have been separated, they can be used on the surgical site to help with healing.

PRGF treatment opens the door to many patients who did not think they were eligible for implants by promoting regeneration of bone around the implant and the extraction site and aiding the osseointegration process.