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How Can I Receive Beautiful Dentures Quickly?

How Can I Receive Beautiful Dentures Quickly?

Getting cosmetic dentures at a typical dental clinic can take several weeks because dentists take the impressions, and send the specifications to a distant laboratory. The dentures are then mailed back to the dental clinic, where the dentist will fit the dentures and make any minor last-minute adjustments. However, by having dental technicians and a laboratory that can make dentures on-site, patients of The Denture Clinic can enjoy dentures in as little as 24 hours. In just one day, patients can receive beautiful, natural-looking dentures and they can enjoy the benefits of either high impact acrylic dentures or chrome and metal framed dentures in an expedited fashion.

During an initial consultation with Dr. Stewart, patients can discuss their needs and undergo a full evaluation. They will be able to consult with him regarding what their expectations are and look at samples of the different dentures available through The Denture Clinic. Patients can choose between high impact acrylic dentures or chrome/metal frame dentures.


Patients who consider high impact acrylic dentures will arrange a one-night stay. On the first day, the patient will have initial impressions done and the construction of the dentures will begin. The patient will return on the second day to have the dentures fitted and readjusted if necessary.


These dentures will often take two days instead of one. The first day will involve impressions and the initial design consultation, while the following day is spent constructing the dentures. On the third day, the patient will come in and have their dentures evaluated for the final fitting, and any adjustments will be done at this time.

Receiving dentures in a timely manner is very important to many of our patients. Some come from out of town to receive treatment at The Denture Clinic and want to attain their beautiful smile faster than they can at their local dental clinic. Thanks to an on-site laboratory, patients can have their new smile ready in as little as 24 hours.

Do you want “Dentures in a Day”? Call The Denture Clinic and schedule a consultation appointment to find out how you can have quality dentures quickly and easily!

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