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3D dentures replace missing teeth with great results

3D Dentures Replace Missing Teeth With Great Results

At The Denture & Implant Clinic we are proud to be pioneers of some exclusive denture techniques. Our founder, Dr. Justine Stewart, currently holds a trademark for 3D dentures, a revolutionary new technology that provides excellent results for patients who need dentures.

The impact of tooth and bone loss on your appearance

The chief complaint of many of our new clients is that they are concerned about the bone loss associated with missing teeth and aging. Once teeth are lost, bone starts shrinking rapidly for the first three to four months and then slows down, but continues to shrink throughout the rest of your life.  The bone is very important in shaping your face, so it does become quite noticeable in your facial features when it’s lost.

In addition, having teeth has an additional benefit of supporting the cheeks and face (like the bone does as well), and when they are lost, the face sink inwards, giving an elderly appearance. The combination of bone loss and tooth loss can make quite dramatic changes to your overall facial appearance.

So, in order to give you back this lost facial support, we not only aim to replace the missing teeth but also the bone. This can be achieved by dentures. The teeth provide some support the cheeks; however, the pink gum work on the dentures helps maximize this effect, and this is exactly what we aim to achieve with our revolutionary 3D dentures.

How are 3D dentures done?

We take an extraordinary amount of impressions for our normal dentures, and when we do 3D dentures, we take an impression on the outside of the denture and ask you to make certain facial expressions. This moulds the impression material between the denture and your cheeks, filling in the void that’s created when you lose considerable amounts

There are other additional benefits of 3D dentures:


We use extra hard teeth

After seven years, denture teeth will begin to show signs of wear. This even happens with the very high-end materials we use. The cheaper materials will show signs of wear much sooner than this, and we have seen cases of wear even after a year on cheap teeth. For 3D dentures, we use extra hard teeth so you won’t get this wear even after seven or eight years—they can last much longer.

The problem with wear is that some people will wear their dentures so much that they close the vertical dimension in their face, which increases the appearance of aging. To understand this, try to imagine this concept:

  • When we fit brand new dentures, there will be a fixed distance (when the teeth are biting together) between a point on your nose and your chin
  • As the teeth wear over a period of time, the distance will get shorter and shorter
  • An extreme example of this is a person where the nose almost touches the chin

This is loss of vertical dimension.

So, to sum up, this does not occur with 3D dentures, as the teeth are very strong. They can be expected to last 10 years or more.

The extra gumwork can sometimes help to keep the dentures in

Filling in the void between the soft tissues of the mouth and the denture can help to increase the stability of the dentures by providing a seal.

Learn more in a consultation

If you are interested in learning more, including 3D dentures cost and your artificial teeth options, then we encourage you to come in for a free consultation so we can discuss all the benefits to you! The Denture & Implant Clinic can be reached at 020 8629 1226.


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