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Dentist at Carshalton dental centre describes 24 hour dentures

24 Hour Dentures From Coulsdon Dentist

Missing teeth may make patients feel self-conscious about their appearance, and may have a negative effect on the way they eat and speak. Trauma, disease, aging, and many other factors may be the cause of lost teeth. However, thanks to advances in dental technologies and materials, patients can now enjoy quality restorations and appliances at Carshalton area dental facilities such as The Denture Clinic.
The Denture Clinic focuses on ensuring patients have dentures that look real and fit comfortably. Another benefit of visiting our practice is the availability of 24 hour dentures.
24 hour dentures, also referred to as “dentures in a day,” are restorations that are made to our high standards. These dentures can be made within a day. The first appointment is done to take impressions and design the initial framework and then the construction of the dentures begins. By the following day, most patients can visit The Denture Clinic to try on their new dentures and have any additional adjustments made at this time.
24 hour dentures are a wonderful way to enjoy a beautiful smile faster. They can also help you get back to your life with no interruptions. Eating favourite foods will be easier than ever with our high quality restorations, and patients love the ability to minimize the number of visits to the dental office with these fast and fabulous alternatives to conventional dentures.
Dentures are made quickly in our office thanks to our onsite denture creation laboratory. Instead of sending impressions off to a dental laboratory hundreds of miles away, we do all of our denture fabrication in-house. This makes it easier to make final adjustments to ensure a proper fit.
If you live in the area of Carshalton, Wallington, Sutton, or any of the surrounding communities, contact The Denture Clinic today to learn more about 24 hour dentures, 3D dentures, and many other services available in our state-of-the-art facility. We love to see new patients and work hard to provide custom-made dentures and implants that can offer patients a new outlook on life!
members. We want our patients new and existing to love their smiles and enjoy the benefits of improved confidence and beauty!
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